Crazy Quilt Placemats

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Do you like crazy quilt blocks? This Crazy Quilt pattern makes fast and easy quilted placemats using 6 fat quarters and makes 6 placemats at once.

I have a simple diagram template included in the pattern and you’ll be able to make these in no time at all. They make a beautiful gift. I am also finishing up a set made with Christmas fabrics that I’ll share soon.

Crazy Quilt placemats on dining room table

I made this set of placemats with teal batik fat quarters that I had in my stash.

Use six different fabrics

You’ll make oversized placemats and then trim them down to size after quilting. When I finished quilting all 6 of these, I forgot to trim my first placemat before binding it. This made for a big placemat! Luckily I had enough of the binding fabric and was able to just cut off the binding instead of using a seam ripper to save it. Hopefully, you won’t do what I did.

Make 6 placemats with the fabrics

13″ x 17″ finished placemats

Make 6 placemats at a time

Several years ago I made a bunch of placemats in bright colors that you might also like.

Make a baby quilt instead

You could also easily make a baby quilt with the crazy quilt blocks! I would trim the blocks and sew them together before quilting.

I took the photo below after I had quilted and trimmed my placemats.

Make a baby quilt

Get the Crazy Quilt placemat pattern which is on sale!

Crazy Quilt placemat pdf pattern

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Sale on AccuQuilt dies

If you have an AccuQuilt then you might like to make Crazy Quilt blocks using their 10-inch die. You could add borders to make placemats.

Great deals for you!

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Connie with her dogs

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Hi, I’m Connie Kresin Campbell, the quilter, writer, and photographer behind Freemotion By the River. I enjoy inspiring others with my quilt tutorials and patterns. You’ll also see my sweet adopted dogs from time to time.

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  1. Beautiful placemats Connie. I need to make new ones and this will do just perfect. I agree, these will make excellent Christmas gifts. I ordered the pattern. Thank you for putting it on sale!!

  2. I quickly orded this pattern. Thanks for the discount too! I needed some sunny placemats and have just the fabrics for it!

    1. These are such a grateful project to make and give. I made similar ones years ago for my m-i-l. She loved them and used them daily, even though I made only four. I made vertical strips, radiating from the center, and shaped them to accommodate a round table. Unfortunately I never took a photo. Did I mention that she was in her 90s when I gave her these? She lived to be 101. I still have three left that we use at times…. Sweet memories of an exceptional woman.

  3. Greetings from Cambridge-Narrows NB. I so look forward to receiving your emails they are always full of helpful quilting ideas. Good luck with your upcoming move.
    Glenda Constable

  4. Connie, I will be praying for you, your dear dogs and Builder Bob. Not easy to go through times like this. Will pray that you remain healthy too. 🙏❤️

  5. Fun project. I’d post a picture of my project, but I don’t think that’s possible here. Did have a couple of issues with pattern. Needed more binding and the reference for one of the measurements needed to be from the right instead of left.

    Now, what to do with the trimmings????

  6. Thank you, Connie, for sharing the new crazy quilt placemat. It certainly is lovely. Batik is the nicest fabric on the market. I love all crazy quilt designs of any size and shape. Keep on designing.

  7. Thanks Connie for the placemat instructions. I have similar batiks in my stash and have been keen to do crazy patchwork for many of my projects.
    This design will be just what I want for the placemats and baby quilts I’d like to make.
    Rusty is a gorgeous little fellow. Fostering pups is such a wonderful thing to do.
    Great to see the little kids having fun with Rusty,
    All the best for what’s left of year 2022.

  8. Hello Sweet Connie. Glad Mr. Mickey is fine. Rusty looks pretty cute. I’ll keep my finger crossed for you. Love your placemats and you always show just the perfect setting. Happy Thanksgiving Dear.

  9. WOW I am so in love with Rusty! My fosters got picked up by their Forever Home yesterday and I’m grateful and sad, I miss them already. Fingers and toes crossed for you. And the placemats are brilliant. When I make “regular” placemats, there is always one that is a different size! Beautiful!
    My Hiskies are all calling “Bring on the Snow!!!!”

  10. Hi Connie,
    What a good idea for the placemats, crazy quilting. Yes!
    I have made three sets of eight placemats for family members but not in crazy quilting – and I do like the ones you have made. You have inspired me, and like Glenda, I’d like to make some in Christmas fabrics, too.
    Thank you Connie.
    Val (UK)

  11. I love the placemats you are showing. I made many similar ones, and some in that vein for a round table….. It took a little calculating to get those right. My m-i-l loved them, and was very impressed…. SCORE!
    We are still using them in her honor.

  12. Hi Connie, love these placemats! I have been reading about Rusty and he seems like a very sweet dog! I hope you are able to give him a home. I think dogs enjoy companionship with another dog. Have a great Thanksgiving!

  13. Love these teal batik placemats Connie! I am looking forward to doing them in Christmas fabrics in blues. Good luck with Rusty, I know you would give him a wonderful forever home. Stay healthy and happy and carry on quilting. Warm wishes from 🇨🇦.

  14. Hi Connie,
    I live in Hamburg, NY and we are in second place for the snow totals!!! Over 73 inches. It’s located outside of Buffalo, NY just south. We are still buried and trapped in our house. We are hopeful today they will dig us out. I’m thinking about heading down to my sewing room and work on a Christmas project. I am on vacation (but an essential worker) and would not have been able to go to work with all this snow.

  15. The placemats are really cute, Connie. I have done so little sewing this year! Last year, I was on fire … this year? … meh. Good luck on Rusty, he sounds like a great little dog. I hope you get him.

  16. I like your placemats. I’m not sure that I would have cut that binding off to trim it down to the size of the others. LOL If it really bothered me, I would have probably made it for a centerpiece or something and just made another one. But I don’nt know. It probably would have botherd me. You have encouraged me to make some placemats. I have only made one set. Shame on me.

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