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By now, I’m sure many of you have already seen the wonderful book called Crafted Applique…….New Possibilities by Lara Buccella.

Crafted Applique wall hanging in garden
Crafted Applique

I was very excited when Lara asked me if I would like to be part of her blog hop, she blogs at BuzzinBumble.

I know I did a the Happy Dance! I met Lara about 2 years ago when she took part in Linky Tuesday showing her zero calorie chocolate chip cookies! She even sent me some!

Today is my day on her month long….actually a little longer than that…blog hop and I have a couple cute projects to share.  You will also have a chance to win a copy of Laura’s book so keep reading!

Crafted Applique New Possibilities

I love applique and like Lara I use a vintage Singer sewing machine. She uses a 301A and I use a 15-91. I normally do free motion applique but I decided to try her techniques and I even used invisible thread!

I am embarrassed to admit that I bought the thread a year or two ago…..and this was the first time I used it! I love it and will be using it again. It has been years since I used invisible thread and it has completely changed since then.

Vintage Trailer from Crafted Applique New Possibilities by Lara Buccella

Technique Book

I would definitely classify Lara’s book as a technique book which is the best kind to add to your library.

She really goes into detail on the process she uses to prepare the fabric for applique, tools and supplies, stitching, layout, and more.

Butterfly Fabric used for applique

There is also a variety of patterns included with the book including this cute vintage trailer. I have had this beautiful piece of butterfly fabric for a couple of years, I actually made my granddaughter a butterfly quilt back in 2011 and thought it would be fun to use for my applique.

Applique butterflies from fabric
butterfly appliques

It was a little tricky cutting out all those tiny pieces so none of the brown background would show….thank goodness there was no fraying after using Lara’s process. I also had a leftover block that worked perfectly for the background.

Here is a closeup so you can see that I used the invisible thread for the applique. I then put together the backing, a layer of Warm & Natural batting, the butterfly top, and stipple quilted it.

Butterflies closeup of free motion stipple quilting
closeup of quilting
Crafted Applique Butterflies
Sizzix dies and Batiks

Can you guess what size this quilt is? It is only 13 inches x 13 inches.I decided to try another small project that involved batiks….no surprise to anyone….and a couple Sizzix dies that cut small delicate pieces.

The batik layer cake was included in my Island Batik ambassador box, I can never ever have too many neutral batiks!

I also had some leftover pieces of a orange batik that I used in my Aruba Sunset quilt.

For the applique on this, I used a spool of Superior Fantastico variegated thread and a cream Glide for the free motion quilting. I should have followed Lara’s advice and used a open-toed foot for the applique…it would have made it a lot easier.  Note to self….try the open toe foot.

Superior Fantastico varigated thread

This will make a cute candle mat, it is 9 inches x 9 inches. Can you see the penny I put on it?

Mini batik quilt with a penny on it
penny to show the size of quilt
  • Lara also has a neat process to make your light fabrics less transparent and I’ll be trying that out soon.
  • There was no gumming up on my needle while stitching either.
small wall hanging with statue
mini wall hanging

Thank you Lara for a wonderful book! If you would like your own copy of Crafted Appliqué, get it now!

Here is the complete schedule for the blog hop and each and every blog has been giving away a book! Check out all the great projects they have been doing too.

Crafted Appliqué: New Possibilities Blog HopMay 1st to June 5th

Sunday, May 1 – Introduce the Hop and post the schedule on BuzzinBumble
Wednesday, May 4 – Lorna McMahon – Sew Fresh Quilts 
Thursday, May 5 – Mary S. – Needled Mom
Saturday, May 7 – Alycia Carmin – Alycia Quilts

Sunday, May 8 – Amy DeCesare – Amy Made That
Monday, May 9 – Sherri McConnell – A Quilting Life
Wednesday, May 11 – Christina Cameli – A Few Scraps
Thursday, May 12 – Melissa Corry –  Happy Quilting
Friday, May 13 – Sarah Craig – Confessions of a Fabric Addict

Sunday, May 15 – Val Reynolds –  Val’s Quilting Studio
Tuesday, May 17 – Sandra Walker – Musings of a Menopausal Melon
Wednesday, May 18 – Cheryl Brickey – Meadow Mist Designs
Thursday, May 19 – Judy Murphy – Quilt Paradigm
Friday, May 20 – Yvonne Fuchs – Quilting Jetgirl
Saturday, May 21 – Cindy Pieters – Stitchin’ at Home
Sunday, May 22 – Susie Zlogar – Susie’s Sunroom
Monday, May 23 – Connie Kresin-Campbell – Freemotion by the River
Tuesday, May 24 – Ruth Bourke – Charly & Ben’s Crafty Corner
Wednesday, May 25 – Kaja Zieslar – Sew Slowly
Thursday, May 26 – Ann Brooks – Fret Not Yourself
Friday, May 27 – Cynthia Brunz – Quilting is More Fun Than Housework
Tuesday, May 31 – Jenn Trott-Zisserson – Quarter Inch From the Edge
Wednesday, June 1 – Paulette Horn – The Way I Sew It
Thursday, June 2 – Sandra Jansen – Studio Sew of Course
Friday, June 3 – Christine Sherman – Triangles and Squares

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  1. I mostly do hand applique, but once in awhile do machine applique. Love sitting in front of the TV and doing handwork.

  2. Would love to win Lara’s book. I like applique and have done a few small items using the needle turn method! Love your butterflies 🙂

  3. I really enjoy applique and I am very interested in Lara’s method. I am always on the outlook for techniques that making things better. Thanks for sharing your projects.

  4. Many, many years ago i did some very simple applique. Rudimentary really. I would love to win your book and learn more contemporary ways.

  5. It would be such fun to win a copy of this book! It looks like a very versatile and forgiving(!) method for a process I have alwAys avoided! Thanks sew much for the chance!

  6. I have only done appliqué with freezer paper or needle turn. I don’t care for raw edges. Lara’s book has me very intrigued.

  7. I do a lot of appliqué, usually with fusible web. But I’m always looking for new and better techniques.

  8. Many moons ago, I took a class from a book called “Applique 12 Easy Ways!” by Ellie Sienkiewicz. I experimented with a number of the methods from the book, but only applique on occasion. Thanks for the opportunity to win the Crafted Applique book!

  9. I have done applique and I am so interested in finding out more about Lara’s new secret technique!

  10. I am interested in this technique because I canno longer do hand stitching… I think this might be an answer for me.

  11. I’ve only done raw edged fusible applique stitched down by machine, but the results certainly could be better. So I’m hoping to learn the secrets of this book. Thanks for the chance to win!

  12. I do a fair amount of fusible applique where I try to finish the edges somehow. I am super intrigued by this new technique that doesn’t require finishing the edges!

  13. I’ve tried a few methods of appliqué and I’m not sure which I like best.. It would be great to try a new method!

  14. I love the look of applique. I used to machine applique with pretty good results and last year I finished a Dresden Plate quilt, which I loved. I also love to do wool applique. I have heard so many good things about this book. I would love to win a copy. Thanks for the opportunity.

  15. I have only tried machine appliqué a few times and wasn’t really satisfied with the result. Since 1 January I’ve been attaching circles in the Quilty 365 project with needle turn appliqué, and that no longer scares me!

  16. I was so impressed with your butterfly quilt – as much with ‘your’ cutting as with the process. Then I got to the flourish candle mat – whoa! All those tiny, fine pieces are amazing. I’m so glad to hear that Lara’s has lots of techniques in the book besides her magical applique process.

  17. I’ve recently done some raw edge appliqué but am really impressed with your results using Lara’s new technique. Thanks for the chance to win a copy of the book.

  18. I have loved applique since I tried it many years ago. I think it is fabulous that there are so many ways to do applique and so many patterns available. I have never tried cutting out the shapes on fabrics and then appliqueing them; after seeing your post today, it really excites me to try it. I am so curious about this new book and the method that she uses! I truly hope that I get to win a copy! Thank you for sharing and have a fantastic creative day!

  19. I’ve done limited applique, but I have a ton of projects on my Bucket List. I really need to get this book to learn her secrets!

  20. I’ve done many types of applique,, and this one looks intriguing, because it looks like it would make applique quicker! Always a plus!!

  21. Your candle at caught my eye when I came to view the links on linky Tuesday. It is stunning and can imagine all sorts of uses for that pattern. You really did it fine with just the right color. Love Superior Threads. Their invisible thread is the best. Little did I know there was a give away too. Good stop on my viewing trail.

  22. I have done lots of machine applique but never raw edge. I want this book so I can do some intricate applique like you did on your small quilts. Love the applique and the quilting.

  23. I have tried various applique methods. I’m always game to try others. I’m interested in reducing show thru.

  24. These projects are adorable. I love the small scale (shows just how detailed you can get with Lara’s technique). Tiny stipples are my favorite FMQ. I’ve done some needle turn applique because I needed applique for the look I wanted, but I did not enjoy it. This technique looks much more like something I would happily do.

  25. Hi,
    I love the butterfly fabric. I have some of that too. I do applique quire often. I find it enjoying but time consuming as I tend to use the blanket stitch. I follow you through email.

  26. I have used fusible web for any applique I have done, and with bias strips, the narrow backing for them too,This looks amazing, and your candle mat, fantastic. Batiks, my favourite fabric of all.

  27. I’ve taken a couple of applique classes but have never completed a block yet. I’ve never thought to use invisible thread. The butterfly mini is absolutely cute!

  28. I have done machine applique with a blanket stitch and some hand applique…but could stand improvement. I am thoroughly intrigued by Lara’s method….and would love to win the book.

  29. What a beautiful way to use those butterflies! I love it.
    I have done one baby quilt with applique. It was quite an adventure. I am hoping to do some skill building and start doing more of it soon.

  30. As always, Connie, you’ve made the cutest little project to show off Lara’s applique technique! Love the sweet butterflies, and it’s good to know that the technique can also be used with my sizzix cutter. I am crossing my fingers and toes and everything else I can think of hoping to win a copy of this tantalizing book. Thanks for being a featured blogger – and for sharing Lara’s pic :*). She’s so sweet, it’s nice to put a face to her name!

  31. I love applique I don’t do as much as I used to so many techniques out there orange peel is on my next todo

  32. I love your blog, your pix and comments. Most of all, your sharing of knowledge to all of us. Builder Bob is so grate to allow us to see him at work. I have done some applique, but not good at it so far. I keep working at it.

  33. I happily follow you via email feed AND blog lovin’! Now to get out that sizzix I bought because of your sharing your projects and try it out, hopefully this week. THANKS!

  34. Both of your projects are lovely Connie! I enjoy applique, all kinds but this technique sounds to ood to be true since I don’t care for the fray that can happen with my known technique, so I’ll do a needle turn style instead with nost of my projects. Though, truthfully, I will do raw edge with those patch abilities I enjoy and am finishing up this month.

  35. I follow via email. Thanks for the opportunity to win what looks to be a very interesting & helpful book!

  36. Oh my gosh, those cookies are hysterical! I actually bought into the whole “zero calorie” thing and clicked over to get her recipe! What a funny funny story! Yup, I’ve done a bit of applique, but I am intrigued by a new technique. I always seem to have trouble getting my satin stitching even around circles and my blanket stitching to come out right at corners! I love how your stippling looks, Connie, and those butterflies are so sweet!

  37. I have made a few applique baby quilts and It was rough. I need to try fusible webbing. And invisible thread. And probably Lara’s technique because I’m not impressing myself, LOL. I’m heading to her blog to see if she spilled the beans about how she does her lovely applique 🙂

  38. I love the looks of applique but mine is never as perfect as I want it to be. Practice, practice, practice I know but I am very old.

  39. Cute. I’ve done a variety of applique, and would love to learn more about this style. Thanks for sharing!

  40. I am on my second quilt using a machine to applique. I have always used needle turn in the past. I love your projects. Thank you for sharing.

  41. I have done a little applique and I am very curious about this technique. Your blog post actually answered a question I had in mind, regarding if whatever this technique is will go through a BigShot. Thanks for solving that! 🙂

  42. I follow you via email notification and I think with Bloglovin too. Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  43. Connie I do raw edge Applique Would love to try a new method. I follow you thru E-Mail and on pinterest.

  44. I aspire to like doing applique. I have a ton of projects I just have not done yet, including two gorgeous kits my husband bought for me at a quilt show. I would love to finish them for him. This technique has real potential to up my happiness with doing applique!

  45. Your butterflies are a beautiful inspiration.

    Thank you for doing the “small, delicate” pieces on your other project. I have a lot of those in my future and am now looking forward to doing them with Lara’s method.

  46. I enjoy needle turn applique but do more with my machine. This method looks more neat on the edges.

  47. I did try Hand Applique..liked it..but I was soooo slow at it! lol Then have done a bit of Raw Edge Applique..which was fun & quicker too! But not right for every sort of applique project… This Hop has encouraged me sooo give a try again!! Super Reviews & Awesome projects are being shared!

    Love Love Loooove your Butterflies!! And the Sizzix one is Amazing! Thank you for your sharing…and chance to win your Give-a-way too! 😀

  48. I’ve done both needle-turn and raw-edge applique, but I need more practice! Your quilts turned out great – love the die-cut especially. Can’t wait to try this method with my new Silhouette.

  49. Hi Connie, I love your projects, the designs are so intricate! I love appliqué and use lots of methods, so I am very intrigued to know what Lara has come up with.

  50. I love the look of applique and do machine applique as I am not so great at needle turn. Both of your projects are beautiful.

  51. I usually have done raw edge appliqué, as I find it works best for me. Am so curious though about Lara’s technique, as fraying edges has always been an issue with the raw edge technique. Love your beautiful projects…thanks for sharing the giveaway!

  52. I have only done a little applique but I love the look of it and would love to do more. The book looks great. Thanks for the chance to win.

  53. I have done needle turn applique and zig zag edging but, have never tried raw edge applique. Can’t wait to try it with Lara’s method.

  54. I have worked with applique and enjoy it, but I know I’ll enjoy it more when I find Lara’s secret to making each one perfect! Wow…are those butterflies gorgeous or what?

  55. I have been a long time follower of your blog, Connie, on Bloglovin’. Love all the posts and projects you do!

  56. I have followed via GFC for a long while but I don’t think I get your posts anymore now that you have a new site. I guess I can’t follow this one via GFC? I saw where someone who left a comment before me said she followed by email. I would be willing to do that, but didn’t really see that option on the sidebar. I did sign up for your email newsletter but I’m not sure that’s the same thing. I don’t do all the other social media stuff so for me GFC and email have been the best options. I hate to miss your posts, so if you know of a way for me to get them please let me know!

  57. I have done applique using a variety of techniques. I’m anxious to learn Lara’s method though, as it seems to be a good one!

  58. I have tried applique once or twice. I saw an applique pattern (and kit) I absolutely fell in love with; so I badgered my husband until he bought it for me as a gift. Now we are planning a cruise with a number of sea days. I have been thinking that working on this would be a great idea. I am very interested in learning more from the book.

  59. I do machine appliqué off and on. This looks like a technique with a lot of potential to entice me to do more.

  60. I’ve done some applique and I’m not happy with the process. I want to keep trying until I see that I don’t have messy raw edges. I started following Freemotion by the river thru Pinterest. Thank you for a chance to win a book.

  61. What great projects, Connie! Love that candle mat! I could never turn those edges with needle turn appliqué, my favorite method. I have never done any machine appliqué and would love to learn about this new method!

  62. Connie I love your butterfly applique quiltlet. I have done some applique in the past but can always learn better ways of doing it. Thank you for the opportunity to win Lara’s book. Embracing Creative Bliss…

  63. I have done some fusible appliqué. I just finished the William Morris Morning Glory quilt. Love your butterflies, would love to win this book to give her method a try!

  64. I follow you by email. I really like your batik projects. I made one of your table runners (the name escapes me but it looks like a square celtic knot).

  65. My only applique project (needle-turn) remains unfinished after two years. I don’t really like the look of raw edge applique but this book looks interesting.

  66. I love your quilt. I have some butterfly fabric that I was wondering what to do with. Thank you for a a great idea! I do hand applique. My try at machine applique was not so good.

  67. I have appliqued by hand and machine. I have never been crazy about raw edge applique but this book may change my mind!

  68. I love all your projects. Very impressed with Lara’s techniques and your flourish project really showed off how wonderful it is. I’m amazed the details of those flourishes. Beautiful colors, fabrics, free-motion quilting too! Great post packed with #CreativeGoodness.


  69. Mainly I do raw edge or fused applique but when possible I use the turned interfacing. Can’t wait to try this one!

  70. Hi Connie – love those butterflies – awesome! I applique but mine doesn’t hold a candle to your work! Would love to get my hands on this book! 🙂
    I follow you on bloglovin!

  71. My applique is always a mess, so I quit trying my hand at it. Now, maybe this book is just the thing I need to try it again. I love the tiny pieces but my oh my they always look terrible. Thank you for the chance. Your pieces are so Cool!

  72. Love your blog. The process I use for applique is needle turn. Thanks for the opportunity to win this awesome book.

  73. I’ve used different kinds of appliqué on several quilts. The most recent is a Red Bird and Berries quilt which can be found on Moda Bakeshop. I’d love to have this book and learn the techniques Lara uses.

  74. Connie your butterfly quilt looks so pretty. I wouldn’t have know those butterflies used to be on a brown background fabric before. The batik design was so narrow that it amazes me that you could keep your stitching so straight!

  75. I love your little butterfly quilt! I have some butterfly fabric, so I would love to try Lara’s technique to make a similar quilt. I’ve done both raw edge and needle turn applique. I’m currently working on 2 large needle turn BOMs, which I’ve discovered was overly ambitious on my part, as I’m now several months behind on both of them!

  76. Yes, I applique, it’s my favorite quilting technique. I have done a lot of invisible machine applique and I also do needle turn. But would love to try Lara’s technique too!

  77. You did an awesome job using Lara’s technique. Those swirls are so tiny and perfect. I have always avoided appliqué until seeing Lara’s book.

  78. Those butterflies are so pretty, but everything you do is pretty. I did a little applique by machine a few years ago. There were a few blocks that called for it in a quilt top that was part of the online shop hop … the one where you look for the rabbit. It was good for me to try a few new techniques but I gave the blocks away as I knew I’d never get around to making the quilt.

  79. I have done some basic machine applique- I love the design possibilities with applique. Can’t wait to get my hands on this book!

  80. I do quite a bit of applique. Some of it has been hand needle-turn applique and some has been fused machine applique with blanket or decorative stitching on the edges. I’ve also just recently done some fused with hand blanket stitching over the edges.

  81. And the way I follow you is you are listed on my favorites bar so I check each day for a new post…

  82. Some of my applique is better then others…even in the same quilt. I need help!!!!
    I probably need this book.

  83. I have done applique — mostly w that gummy stuff and would love to learn an alternative
    I have a red dress applique quilt on my soon to make list for my niece’s Alphi Phi auction and would love to do nice raw edge applique

  84. I love to do applique. I have done some with wool and flannel and even more with cotton. I usually use a fusible, then a blanket or small zig zag stitch. I really love the raw edge applique that you do.

  85. I love doing applique, but it’s so much easier using the open toe foot. I would love this book! Cdahlgren at live dot Com

  86. i have done needle turn and raw edge fusible applique; the needle turn is too fiddly and the fusible is too stiff and ravelly. can’t wait to try this new technique.

  87. I have done fusible appliqué and some raw edge machine appliqué. But this “no fray” method has me really excited – so I hope to win a book.

  88. I enjoy machine applique, thanks to great workshops with Pat Sloan and Robbi Eklow. I really, really look forward to trying Lara’s technique! I have enjoyed meeting so many new-to-me quilting bloggers on this hop.

  89. I have been quilting for over 35 years and yes, I have appliqued – both by hand and by machine. I have a wall hanging pattern lined up for my grandson and I am planning on machine appliquing it. He now has his own room – the renovations are finished.

  90. I have done needle turn applique in the past but this looks so much better. Would love to win the book.

  91. Hi Connie……beautiful as usual….all your projects are so colorful and your use of fabric colors is always so pleasing to the eye. I love applique work and use it quite often when making things for our 8 great grandchildren. They love having appliques of animals, dolls, trains, etc. on projects made especially for them. Thanks for the giveaway opportunity.

  92. I’ve tried applique but never quite got the hang of it. Sounds like this book is just what I need!

  93. And to think my high fiber cookie fabric was the start of a great friendship… LOL That and our love for our vintage sewing machines. 🙂

    Your Butterfly mini and Elegant Flourishes are simply gorgeous Connie! The shapes are perfect for showing off just what the Crafted Applique technique does to prevent fraying! I love the way you have the butterflies positioned and the way they fly off into the bright blue sky. The die cut flourishes are amazing too! Don’t you just love that you can use the treated fabric with a die cutter? Your quilting and applique work on both are superb. Love the photos you took too!

    Thank you for such a wonderful review of my book. I’m so happy that you liked my new method of doing applique’! You took the Crafted Applique technique and made it your own in a beautiful way Connie! Mwah! 🙂

  94. I usually do satin stitch or blanket stitch by machine for applique with fusible web. Hey my BD is June 3rd-this would be a great gift to win, LOL Your projects are soo sweet-especially the butterfly 🙂

  95. I do several kinds of appliqué. Needle turn is my favorite but takes so long that I have learned to be happy with fused.

  96. I enjoy free-motion, raw-edge applique, but am interested in new and different ways.
    Thanks for the opportunity.

  97. I have done raw edge applique using fusible web. I’m anxious to try Lara’s method as the fusible webbing can get messy.

  98. wow your butterflies and candle mat are gorgeous. I have hand appliqued in the past but appliqueing by machine is on my list to do. Would love to learn her process. Wrote the name of her book down.

  99. I have been reading your blog for a long time now but just now signed up for your newsletter.

  100. I love applique. I have always done it by machine but one time I did needle turn (not my favorite but I might need more practice). I am really curious about this new applique method. Thanks for the great giveaway.

  101. totally didn’t read directions- well I had/have you in my feedly reader. and You know I’ve done lots of applique 🙂

  102. Your quilts are lovely……yes I do hand applique but since I m getting older I would love to try her technique…

  103. I have tried applique, needle turn and was not good at point and curves. Looking for new procces. Darlene

  104. I can’t even imagine how you cut those batik swirly pieces for your second applique! Amazing. Yes, I’m hooked on learning more about Lara’s new method.

  105. I have done applique different ways but find needle turn my favorite. My old machine didn’t have a good zigzag stitch, but I just got a new machine. I will have to try the zigzag stitch on it. I hate how slow I am with needle turn!

    Thanks for the chance to win!

  106. I love applique and I am very interested to learn more about this methode. Love the butterfly miniquilt and also the other one is so delicate. Thanks for sharing!

  107. Connie – I follow ;you on Bloglovin’ — always enjoy reading what you’ve been up to! lynnstck(at)

  108. Although I find the process tedious, I love the look of applique, so I do it often. In fact, I am currently working on TWO largish applique projects. I’d love to try the process described in this book, as it sounds SO much easier! lynnstck(at)

  109. I have not done much applique. Love the look of this–might get me to do more applique!! Thanks for the chance to win!

  110. Connie I only needle turn appliqué and I an curious to learn about Lara’s technique
    As usual,your projects are always lovely and full of color

    1. Thanks Betsy, I think needle turn applique is so beautiful and timeless. Lara’s technique is pretty neat! Good luck.

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