Country House with Pumpkins Quilted pillow

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I made a pillow from one of the sublimations prints I have been making. This image is my Country House with Pumpkins and I decided to make a quilted pillow with it. This is a perfect quilt project for fall.

Our yard is covered in leaves right now and a branch from our neighbor’s Hydrangea plant was rolling around in the yard and I thought it looked perfect with the Country House with Pumpkins pillow.

Country House pillow outside by tree

Lately I have been trying out various ways of printing on fabric. Sublimation printing is my favorite but it is expensive to get started with. I used it for this project but I’ll be sharing other methods soon.

Country House with Pumpkins Quilted Pillow
16″ x 16″


Sublimation Equipment

When you sublimate, you print the image on special paper using the sublimation printer. Then you use heat to transfer the image on the fabric using a temperature of 385 for 60 seconds.


  • 1/4 yard dark brown fabric
  • 1/2 yard brown batik for large border and pillow backing
  • Printed Country House with pumpkins image

Country House with Pumpkins Quilted Pillow
16″ x 16″

  • Trim the printed image to a 9-inch square
  • Cut (2) 1½-inch x 9-inch strips of dark brown batik and add to the sides
  • Cut (2) 1 ½-inch x 11-inch strips of dark brown batik and add to the top and bottom

Sew with a 1/4 inch seam allowance.

Adding borders to the printed sublimation country house
  • Cut (2) 3-inch x 11-inch strips of medium brown batik and add to the sides
  • Cut (2) 3-inch x 16½-inch strips of medium brown batik and add to the top and bottom
Country Home adding borders to it

Quilt your pillow

Pillows are a great project for using up scraps of batting. I use several different types of batting and I try to keep the scraps separated so I use the same type when I sew the scraps together. I use a simple zigzag stitch to join the pieces.

Country house pillow using pieced batting

I didn’t add any backing fabric to the pillow top. I used 2 different colors of 50 weight Aurifil thread to do my free-motion quilting.

quilting on the batting

It was very easy to quilt on the polyester fabric and I didn’t have any trouble. This was made like the Pumpkin Kisses & Harvest Wishes mini wall hangings.

using Aurifil thread for the quilting



For this pillow, I decided to do an envelope-style pillow back.

  • Each backside piece will be the same width as the front side and ½ of the length plus 4 inches
  • This will account for seams and create an overlap which is the envelope part. If you make the pieces too short, you will have a gap when you insert the pillow form
  • For example, my pillow is 16 inches so 1/2 of that is 8 inches + 4= 12 inches
  • Cut two pieces of the print 16″ x 12″ for the pillow back. On each piece fold the one side under ¼” and press
  • On one piece fold under another 1” and topstitch it. On the other piece fold under ¼″ and topstitch
  • Place the 1″ top stitched piece face down on the pillow top, then place the ¼” top stitched piece face down on top of it. Pin the pieces to the front of the pillow
  • Stitch around the pillow with a ¼” seam allowance. Double stitch over the area where the back pieces overlap. This will make the stitches stronger
  • Turn the pillow right side out and press

I forgot to take photos of sewing the pillow together but you can see how I did it with my Sparkles Pillow tutorial.

This pillow looks perfect on this chair!

Country House with pumpkins on chair

I have another pillow that is usually in our living room and both pillows look great together. I know someone will ask about the other pillow and I can’t find a link to it. I can tell it is a disappearing 9-patch design. I’ll have to find it. Here is a autumn table runner tutorial that would look good with the pillows.

two quilted pillows on chair

Country House with Pumpkins Quilted pillow

Closeup of the Country House pillow

I also have some other prints I’ll be working with. All of these were done on my HP printer using the BubbleJet 2000 that I talked about in my November Quilt Projects. I printed them on white batik cotton and neutral muslin. I am finding I don’t really care for the neutral muslin look.

Printing on fabric using BubbleJet 2000

If you would like a printed tutorial of the Country House with Pumpkins, you can download it here. I have also included the Country House with pumpkins print. I’ll add this to my library soon.

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  1. Robyn Lidstone (Australia) says:

    Beautiful pillows with so much detail in the quilting.
    The colourful pillow is also a lovely example of using small pieces of fabric. Using Christmas fabrics, it would make a perfect gift.
    Thanks for sharing these wonderful examples of your patchworking skills.

  2. Wonderful! I love it! 👍🏻🥰

  3. Me too, love the boots. And the others as well and you made them all STARS!!!!!! Looking forward to making some “fun” stuff after I finish the list of the quilts that have to be finished for others. sigh….. Haven’t done the bubble Jet for a while, used to put photos on tee shirts, but love this idea! Thanks

  4. Linda Jennings says:

    Very, very pretty. Where do you find the time? I think I will just stick with the quilting.

  5. A very pretty finish for the pillow. I like the pictures you printed especially the one with the boots.

  6. If we don’t have special printer is there a way to order country pillow?

  7. Vicki in MN says:

    What a great finish, such a tempting idea, but I think I will just sit back and enjoy seeing what you make with this technique:)