Confetti Steps Quilt Pattern in 5 sizes!

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I have had quilters ask about making the Confetti Steps quilt pattern in different sizes and I have updated the pattern with 5 different sizes of quilts!

I no longer have the original quilt that was 51 x 63 but at some point, I made a quilt that was 80 x 80 without the last large border and it hung in my closet waiting patiently to be quilted for a long, long time.

Get the Confetti Steps quilt pattern here

Rusty approves of the quilt!

Confetti Steps quilt with Rusty

Using my longarm

I am getting more comfortable with my longarm quilting machine. I actually did two other quilts on it last week.

Using the long arm for Confetti Steps quilt

You can find the updated Confetti Steps quilt pattern in my shop. I also sent out an email this morning with a link to the new pattern to people who bought this previously. I hope you will enjoy the new sizes.

Confetti Steps Quilt Pattern in 5 sizes

Get the Confetti Steps quilt pattern here

Confetti Steps Quilt Pattern in 5 sizes!

Confetti Steps Quilt Pattern in 5 sizes

Here are some of the other sizes, I think I want to make the baby quilt soon.

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Baby quilt size of Confetti Steps
Lap quilt size of Confetti Steps

You can read my original post about the Confetti Steps quilt here.

Throw quilt size of Confetti Steps
Full quilt size of Confetti Steps
Queen quilt size of Confetti Steps

Get the Confetti Steps quilt pattern here

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Connie with her dogs

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  1. Ernestine says:

    Cute pattern. Rusty is smiling which must be a sign to get this pattern.

  2. Hi Connie – This is such a great pattern for scraps and I’ve been looking for scrap ideas lately. Perfect!
    I’m so glad to see you using your longarm. I think the best thing about a longarm is not having to baste your quilt! Since I moved in May and downsized, basting has become a serious challenge for me. I was already sending my larger quilts out for long arming but even the little ones are a chore for me now. I’m going to have to figure out a way to do it.
    Fall seems to have finally arrived here and I’m glad to see it except it also means the hummingbirds are gone. Guess you can’t have everything!

  3. Robyn Lidstone says:

    Confetti Steps is such a beautiful design. Thanks, Connie, for displaying all the different sizes. The colours are amazing and Rusty is doing such a great job posing. He’s such a special dog who obviously loves his new home and all that goes with it.
    It will be great to have this pattern in my collection and an opportunity to raid my stash for the range of colours that make this quilt so vibrant.

  4. Just got back from a walk where I started with hat, jacket, gloves and came home looking for a cool lemonade and shorts! Your quilt is the perfect reminder of all the fall colors I’m seeing on our walks! Even have one tree on the walk that is blue-ish! Perfect quilt for all those fabrics I can’t possibly throw out – a synphony of colors! Thanks! Rusty is a super model!

  5. I love Rusty’s big smile. This quilt is gorgeous, and I am sure it will become one of my new favorites. I make quilts in assorted sizes to donate to those who have lost everything during natural disasters. Fractured 4-patch and 2 by 2 are both quick and easy patterns I use a lot as well. Thank you for the Confetti Steps in all the sizes.

    1. Sandi mentioned donating quilts to those affected by natural disasters. I would love to know the name and contact information of the organization she donates too as I would like to do the same. Thanks Connie for all the great quilts and keeping Rusty included in with all your great designs!

      Merry Christmas!

  6. That’s such a great scrap quilt design. Yours turned out so well. I’m glad you are enjoying the longarm more. You’ll be making twice as many quilts soon!

    Those dry leaves must be super sensitive on dog’s ears. Ours are so skittish when they blow around here too. Maybe it’s because their ears are much closer to the ground noise. I’ll bet the colors are glorious right now.

  7. Happy, happy Rusty! Living his very best life. Such a beautiful dog, so happy he is with you. I agree with Rusty, I like your Confetti Steps patterns.