Color Block Quilt Blocks

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Back in August I did quite a bit off online shopping while I was at the hospital with my dad and recently while cleaning my quilt studio I pulled some of them out and decided to start working with them.

Craftsy Kit Color Block

This is the Craftsy Color Block Kit made with Boundless Blenders. I didn’t buy the backing but probably should have as it was one of the Boundless Blender colors.

You get a strip of each of the Boundless Blenders, can you see how the colors change? This would also make great fabric for applique work and you can buy fat quarter bundles or strips.

Craftsy Color Block

It took no time at all to cut all of my fabric up for the blocks. The colors in this collection are subtle and elegant.

Craftsy Boundless Blender Fabrics

I really like the look of the blocks.

Craftsy Color blocks made

I made up about a dozen of the blocks before I had to put the project away and work on something else. I put everything in a bin in my IKEA storage shelves so they will be easy to find when I want a quick project to work on.

Quilt Studio storage

Here is what the Color Block quilt will look like when it is finished.

Color Block Kit
photo from Craftsy
X marks the Spot quilt blocks

Remember when I said I was cleaning up my quilt studio? Whenever I do that I pull out some of my old UFOs and then try to make a decision on whether to continue holding on to them or get rid of them. Well, one of the projects I have was this X Marks the Spot quilt. I think I started it years ago as all of the fabrics are oldies from my stash.

I took a little break from cleaning and made about 10 more of the blocks before I put everything back into the box. I usually have a note pinned to my UFOs so I know what size blocks I was making, do you do this too?

Then guess what happened? I found a box of batiks and decided to make the same pattern but in a bigger size……I’ll share that with you soon.

Color Block Quilt Blocks

Neither block is the same size as the Color Block kit, this block can be made in many different sizes and I’ll do a tutorial on it soon. I should have put one of the Color Block blocks on my design wall too, it is a little bigger than my scrappy block and smaller than the batik one.

x marks spot 2 sizes

I also found this kit but I can not remember what the pattern was, I even bought the backing, I’ll have to go through my patterns on Craftsy and see if I can find it. Tell me I’m not the only one that does something like that!

My neighbor recently bought a kit from Craftsy and they are now including the pattern with your fabrics so you don’t have to find it and print it out.

Color Block Quilt Blocks

The Ombre fabrics are beautiful and here is a kit called Color My World that you might also like. It is on sale and may already be sold out. 

Color Block Quilt Blocks

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  1. Shirley in Canada says:

    The colour block quilt is lovely. Makes me think of stained glass. You sure do a lovely job. So glad you and Builder Bob are feeling some better. That virus is nasty and the older the harder it is on a person.
    Be sure and take it easy. You do not want to be sick over Christmas and New Years. Your fabric shelves look great.

  2. I really like the color block. Would you believe I have a couple of those fabrics you used in the X Marks the Spot quilt? I am envious of your quilt studio. Glad to know you are feeling better.

  3. I’m wondering what else you have stashed away in those Ikea storage units! All three of your quilts will be lovely in that pattern. I also tend to hop around, leaving myself a note for when I get back to the quilt. But it can get confusing. And yes, things do get forgotten. I was digging for a fabric a few days ago and came across a kit I totally forgot I had bought to make for my DIL. Her birthday is Wednesday – so that is not going to happen this year!

  4. Love the blocks you showed and also the snowman quilt. Do you have to have the Go to make the snowmen?

  5. C Bourque says:

    The fabrics you show that you do not remember the pattern, I believe is Juicy Cactus. Maybe the name will help in your pattern search! LOL

  6. Connie I am amazed at your stash of fabrics and projects. There is no way I could ever keep track of all those nor be able to pick right up where I left off and sew more blocks. Fabulous Dear…<3

  7. That Color Block quilt is fabulous. It has so much movement with that fabric. I am glad to hear that I am not the only one with fabric and can’t remember what pattern I was going to use.

  8. Karin Callander says:

    I try to put the pattern with the fabrics at the time I pull them all together, then I put everything in a bag of some sort. HOPEFULLY, that way, I won’t just dip into the coordinating fabrics when I need that color for some on the fly/unplanned project. Sometimes that method even works, as I have a sheet-set bag of fabrics that have been languishing for about 3 years now….

  9. Chris Smith says:

    That quilt will look very striking, very beautiful Connie and it looks like you are putting a LOT of work into the blocks!!

  10. Wow, that color block quilt is really pretty.