Coin Quilt Quilt As You Go

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Coin Quilt Quilt As You Go

usually called a QAYG

This is a quilt that I started……a couple years ago. It wasn’t hard to make, it is some type of Coin quilt and all of the fabrics used in this were from my aged stash of at least 12 years. I don’t remember where I saw the design, it was a very easy one but……I decided that I wanted to make it as a QAYG….quilt as you go type of quilt…..something I could quilt in sections.

Coin Quilt Quilt As You Go

It worked out great and I used a package of batting that I had sitting around. Of course I ran out and thankfully kept the name of it so I could buy another. The batting came from Walmart….I don’t remember the name but I actually really liked the way the quilt felt after washing and drying.


Coin Quilt Quilt As You Go

There were 16 sections to this quilt. At some point I started thinking about how I was going to put all the sections together……I didn’t want to add borders. I think this is when the quilt got shoved back to the back of my UFO pile for the first time.

Coin Quilt Quilt As You Go

Eventually I hauled it out again and decided to start putting it together. What I did was take 2 sections and sew them together…..yes….that seam had both fronts, battings and backs.

This next photo…..the grass is long which is why the quilt isn’t lying flat…….

Coin Quilt Quilt As You Go

What I did then was add a “binding” to the back of my quilt along the same seam I just made. It was a 2 1/2″ piece of fabric folded in half.  I’m not explaining it very well….sorry.  So now I had the seam finished on the front and a “binding” on the back to cover the seam…..just one problem. I didn’t want any machine stitching to show on the front so I had to do something that I really, really don’t care to do……hand stitch.

I think this is why it took me so long to get this finished. I also sewed a couple sections together wrong……you can read about that here. Gosh, that was in February! When I was finishing this quilt I thought I would never put a quilt together this way again but you know what…..once it was washed and dried……I don’t feel that the extra bulk takes away from the quilt. Of course I don’t think it would be smart to enter this in a quilt show.

Coin Quilt Quilt As You Go

Have you ever put a quilt together this way?? Would you want to??

I think for many people the idea of trying to quilt a large quilt with a domestic sewing machine seems impossible. Think about how you could divide your quilt up or add borders to a QAYG the way I did.

Be sure to check out my easy QAYG tutorial that will show you how I made this.



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  1. Connie Rhea says:

    Your quilt is so beautiful and your innovative idea on backing is a skill I want to try. It is so neat and so creative. Thank you for sharing your great ideas.

  2. I think it is perfectly acceptable to do it this way, Connie. I like your solution to cover the seams on the back. I did one like this years ago [a log cabin] and it's still holding together. I really like how you rotated the coin blocks and how you mixed up the FMQ. It's a wonderful quilt! And it's done! 😉

  3. I've done it using the Lap Quilting by Georgia Bonesteel method on my parents 50th Anniversary quilt. Pix on my blog. Melanie at Fibermania did some good posts on her method which are really good.
    It looks great.

  4. made by ChrissieD says:

    It looks great Pam and I love that there's no sashing on the front – that's what always puts me off QAYG, you don't always want a grid pattern covering the surface of your quilt. This is a great of overcoming that 🙂

  5. A Quilter's Mission - Vicki says:

    WOW…your quilting is exquisite!

  6. Cloud CouCou says:

    Great to read about this. I was looking up QAYG quilts today as I would really like to make a very large quilt, but don't think my machine could handle it. Interesting to see how it's done, thanks.

  7. Okay…think I have it figured out…am I still no-reply?

  8. Kiera Vanella says:

    Beautiful Connie and I like the way it came together!

  9. SuperMomNoCape says:

    I've never seen a coin quilt done this way. I like it!

  10. I put a log cabin together like that years ago. I didn't have my longarm then so that was the only way I could get it quilted the way I wanted without having to hand quilt it. Wouldn't do it now!

  11. Connie –

    I just LOVE this quilt and think I am going to have to do something very similar! I'm putting it on my list of "quilts to make". Oh yes, I definitely need to live to be at least 132 years old with the length of this list, lol.

  12. That came out really nice, Connie. I really like coin quilts and this is a terrific variation.

  13. Beautiful! I love the rich colors on white. You amaze me!

  14. Connie this is a very pretty quilt. I love how this turned out. I especially love the top quilting.

  15. That's a handsome looking quilt, love the colours. I'm making one using the QAYG method and I keep stalling. Although quilting a large quilt on a domestic machine is difficult I am not enjoying the issues raised by QAYG. Since I quite enjoy hand stitching maybe hand quilting is the answer for me.

  16. I have never done quilt as you go but I have seen some tutorials that make it seem easy – it looks like it isn't easy at all, which I guess is why we don't all do it that way! Well done, I love the simple design and the stippling looks a lot better than if it was a large quilt, well – it I did a large quilt with stippling!

  17. Lovely! I have done this using Marti Michel's book _Machine Quilting in Sections_. Actually, I have another waiting to get put together since November! DS is at his granpdarent's house this week so I thought I might get it out and get another quilt finished.

  18. Smultronbo says:

    Very nice looking quilt. QAYG seems like a very useful technique too. Thanks for sharing.