Christmas Tree Table Runner Resized tutorial

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Table runners are something I enjoy having out all year long and at Christmas time it is fun and easy to decorate a room with one.

When I started decorating for Christmas I realized that I had given away many of my Christmas quilt projects including my popular Christmas Tree Table Runner so I decided to make a bigger table runner for the holidays using my Christmas Tree table runner tutorial (link below).

Christmas Tree Table runner resized tutorial

We have a larger coffee table now so I thought it would be fun to change the pattern for a Christmas Tree Tablerunner resized to fit.

Christmas Tree table runner resized tutorial with red candles on table

I dug into my stash of Island Batik Christmas batiks and also pulled out a neat neutral basic batik from a past Island Batik quilt.

Christmas Tree table runner resized tutorial with mouse

I have a habit of doing this and then I have to “create” with the amount of fabric I have. In this case I only had so much of the neutral but it is fun to challenge myself to complete a quilt project with what I have on hand.

Christmas Tree Table Runner Resized

21″ x 30″


  • ¼ yard green
  • ¼ yard dark green
  • scraps of brown for tree trunks
  • ½ yard cream
  • ¼ yard binding
  • backing and batting

Always sew with an ¼-inch seam allowance.

Make four Christmas Tree quilt blocks, the blocks are each 10½-inches unfinished.

Be sure to look at the Christmas Tree block cutting directions in my original Christmas Tree table runner tutorial.

Each row consists of half square triangles and squares or rectangles.

Christmas Tree table runner resized tutorial creating the quilt block

Here is a completed Christmas Tree quilt block made with batik fabrics.

Christmas Tree table runner resized tutorial one completed quilt tree block

You could make all kinds of quilt projects with the blocks.

Christmas Tree table runner resized tutorial two quilt blocks

I made a of couple Christmas tree quilt blocks…..then a few more. I really had no plan on what I was going to design until I took the blocks up to my coffee table. This seemed like the perfect design!

Joining the blocks

Center blocks

  • Cut one strip of cream 1½-inch x 10½-inch and join two blocks together at the top of the Christmas trees.
Quilted Christmas Tree table runner resized tutorial piecing table runner

I would have liked to make the center strip that I added a bit bigger but….I was running short on fabric. Next time I think I will add a strip about 3 inches wide instead of 1 1/2 inch.

Side blocks

  • Cut four cream 6-inch x 10½-inch rectangles.
  • Sew one to each side of the side trees.

Note: When I added the cream side blocks I just guessed at the size adding a little more than I needed. When I pieced the blocks to the center, I lined up the top of the trees to the center cream piece that I added.

Once I sewed the seam, I trimmed off the excess. You may not have that.

Christmas Tree table runner resized tutorial pieced table runner

I think I have had the green batik for several years, I remember I thought it was so neat because both sides are different. You don’t see this much with batiks. The green swirls and solid are the same fabric!

Finish your table runner by quilting it. Use my easy machine binding tutorial to complete it.

I used a neutral 50wt Aurifil thread for my free-motion quilting and some Warm & Natural cotton batting.

Christmas Tree table runner resized tutorial closeup of freemotion quilting

The backing is a piece of premium muslin, many times I use this for my quilt backs or when I need a neutral fabric. As long as you use a premium muslin, you can mix it with any quilt fabrics.

Christmas Tree table runner resized tutorial finished and quilted

It has been fun decorating for Christmas this year. Our Christmas tree is tall and skinny, I think it was in style about 10 years ago but….I still like it

Decorating for Christmas

See the top shadow boxes? Those were windows last year that Builder Bob took out when we replaced the roof and added the deck roof after the wind damage. I think this is the first view of the new curtains I made also.

Do you ever forget about quilt projects you have made?

I had forgotten all about these Christmas pillows that I made last year. They were in the boxes of Christmas decorations. I made them with my Scattered pattern but in a mini size. I need to get a pattern written up on them.

Decorating for Christmas

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Christmas Tree Table Runner tutorial

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  1. From you: “I have to “create” with the amount of fabric I have”
    Have you ever seen an equation for that? Like 1/2 plus 1/3 plus pieces = a table runner? That’s how I fall asleep with numbers. But haven’t figured this out yet. Love the table topper. I’ve never seen batik printed like that – lovely. Could be a fun wall hanging, letting the girls decorate the tree with old jewelry! Love to Miss Sadie and Mr. Mickey. Relax. We in for the heat wave for a couple weeks.

  2. Hi Connie! Beautiful Christmas patterns. My husband is having severe knee pain. He has been approved for gel shots. First one in August. Now i have been taking care of the outside and inside. No time for sewing. Also i have a ruptured disc in my neck and sewing gives me a migraine. Any suggestions for that? Sometimes i try to sew for only 20 minutes a day. It takes me longer but i can still enjoy sewing. Thank you for the patterns.

    1. Hi Connie, your house looks ready for Christmas. Thanks for the ideas for table toppers. I love the toppers and the runners. It makes the house look so homey. Happy Thanksgiving and merry Christmas.❤️😎Ellen

  3. I ran across your blog on a link from Pinterest. I love you Table “runner” and all of your decorations! Lovely!

  4. Connie, your home is beautiful! Love the shadow boxes created by the removal of the windows…great idea! Your runner is gorgeous! Thanks for sharing your Christmas spirit!

  5. Your home is lovely! Builder Bob did a wonderful job with the shadowboxes nee windows. What fun to see all your projects displayed in your home. I do like your mini scattered pattern in the pillows. Merry Christmas!

  6. Oh your family room is so cozy and inviting. Replacing the windows to utilize as shadow boxes was brilliant. Thanks for sharing.

  7. It is such a great table cover. I love the way your home looks for the holidays.

    I was using a batik today with two different sides. It was the first one that I remember that way.

  8. Wow, your home looks so beautiful, inviting and ready to enjoy the holidays. I love your new table runner. Looks perfect in your living room. It is also packed with #CreativeGoodness. You’ve inspired me to make one for my cofffee table. Thank you. Love yours.


  9. Connie, this is so striking! It’s one to keep out all winter long! I’ve pinned it along with your other table runner so I can make one soon! Thank you.

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