Christmas Tree Skirt Tutorial

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Christmas Tree skirt @Freemotion by the River

I finished a new tree skirt out of a Christmas fabric strip set I had. I had to wait for Builder Bob to get our little skinny tree out of the storage building and when I brought it in the house…..the cats went crazy!

Cats checking out the Christmas tree



Cats checking out the Christmas tree

I forgot all about the fact that the cats love to climb up on the tree so we usually put 2 bricks on the base to hold it, we just used a couple oak logs for now and you can see the tree skirt should have been a little bigger. Normally it would fix perfectly and this will probably go to my daughter’s house.

The kitties are finally over their fascination with the tree….I took the pictures Monday planning to get a post up but there have been too many things going on while we got ready for my dad’s surgery.

He will be having his surgery today, the 29th of November…..double bypass and a heart valve replacement. If everything goes well he will be in the hospital 6 to 10 days so I’ll be spending a lot of time there.

Originally I planned to make a Christmas quilt and had this on my design wall for the last couple of weeks.

Christmas quilt top

I showed it to my daughter at Thanksgiving but she didn’t sound interested in a small Christmas quilt so……I cut it into a circle and made a tree skirt. There wasn’t much waste.

Christmas Tree skirt cutting circle

After I cut it into a circle……kind of a rough circle…..I quilted it. Then I trimmed it to make a better circle and cut a slit and a circle out as shown below. Then I used bias binding.

Christmas Tree skirt cutting

You can find out more about the quilt pattern I used for this tree skirt by checking out my Intertwined by the River quilt post.

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  1. Connie ~ I am so happy you linked to this from your post today (oops ok so I'm behind and you linked here on Dec 21st)as I hadn't seen this yet. I love the tree skirt and the quilt too actually before cutting it into the skirt.

    I know I ask this all the time but is there any way you might consider a quick tutorial to make this at some point in the future? I really like this design and can't recall ever seeing it anywhere before now.
    Thank you.

  2. WOW! This is really beautiful. Unfortunately I am only seeing it now but know that had I seen it earlier it would have had my vote. So nice.

  3. Connie, I hope your Father is doing well and on the mend.

    I have some holiday fabric that would be perfect for this. Did you use a pattern? If not, can you share the lengths you used? I see the pattern design, but as a relatively new quilter, I would appreciate knowing the size you cut the pinwheel pieces and strips.

    Happy Holidays!

  4. Love the red with pinwheels! It reminds me that I have a stack of tree skirts that need quilting… don't think it will happen this year.

  5. ohhh great idea!! I need to get a skirt done and yours looks great – maybe I'll look at my stash and see if I can repurpose one too!

  6. I love the tree skirt Connie! I bet that it was easier to make it from a quilt than it is to make it a circle to begin with. Hope you dad does well with his surgery.

  7. You did a very nice job on your tree skirt! I like the idea of using a small quilt and making it into a tree skirt instead of worrying about making pieces to fit a circle pattern. I will keep your dad in my thoughts and prayers. I went through heart surgery with my dad as well and know how you are feeling. I did a lot of cross stitch while waiting in the hospital pre,during, and post op and the entire stay. Busy hands helped sooth my mind a little. Hugs Amy 🙂

  8. Three things:
    Love the kitty eating the branches!
    Love the tree skirt design – great way to use some stash fabrics
    Prayers and thoughts going your way today for your dad's surgery and his speedy recovery!!!

  9. Since my DDL wants a new Christmas skirt, this is where my mind is, so you read my mind. I love. She wants gold lamae' and burgundy, so I have to go shopping.
    Thanks for sharing.

  10. Striking contrast! Blessings to your dad. It will be good to have something to stitch while you are praying and waiting.
    Across the river in Elizabeth, IL

  11. lovely tree skirt…
    hope all goes well with the surgery, take along a project to work on because he will do a lot of sleeping. I took my cross stitching when my husband had his bypass..

  12. Connie, this is the cutest tree skirt ever. I love the pattern and the colors. I'm going to save the photo to look at because I think I just have to make me one too. 😀

  13. That is a gorgeous Chrisstmas tree skirt-might have to head to the sewing rooom myself.
    Hope you dads surgery goes well and he has an uneventful recovery.

  14. What a pretty tree skirt! I love the pinwheels dancing across those blocks. I made a similar one with diamonds for a baby quilt. Must make one with pinwheels now. 🙂
    Sending prayers for your Dad today.

  15. Connie, what a great idea! Looks beautiful… Good luck with the Christmas show, and I pray your father's surgery will be successful!

  16. That is really nice, Connie. The white really pops against those deep reds. May I ask where you got the pattern? Or can you tell me how long the strips are; I can probably figure the rest out. Thanks, Kathy

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