Christmas Log Cabin Quilt Tutorial

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Looking for an easy Christmas quilt project? This Christmas Log Cabin quilt tutorial is a great one!

Add in a little applique for a totally new look!

Christmas log cabin wall hanging or table topper with ivy

Christmas Log Cabin Quilt Tutorial

As many of you know, I am an ambassador for Island Batik which means I get to play work with their beautiful batiks each month for a new challenge.

This month we were to create some kind of log cabin quilt project and I have a tutorial to share.

I don’t know about you, but the log cabin block is one of my favorites and also one of the first quilts I ever made!

Cozy Cabins Log Cabin Challenge from Island Batik

The batik collection from Island Batiks was called Alpine Jingles.

Alpine Jingles batik strip from Island Batik

Do you like to use table toppers or centerpieces on your table? We always do and it is fun to change them for the holidays.

This Christmas Log Cabin quilt works perfectly on our table for Christmas.

Log Cabin quilt block table topper made with batiks

It is fun to add a little something to the areas that have the cream background logs. I decided to add some mistletoe leaves and berries.

Closeup on Log Cabin quilted wall hanging

It is getting cold here in Iowa, we had our first snow a week ago.

Winter snow on the wood carved eagle

Thankfully it didn’t last long although there is talk about more snow coming our way.

I hope it holds off as we hope to haul another load of stuff to my daughter’s new home and that won’t happen if it is snowing!

Log Cabin quilt block table topper made with batiks on deck

For the Christmas Log Cabin quilt, I used Heat n Bond Lite to adhere the applique shapes to my quilt top and then I caught the edges of them with my free motion stipple quilting.

This makes for a super fast and easy quilt project!

Closeup on Log Cabin quilted wall hanging with applique free motion quilted

Log Cabin quilted baskets

Christmas log cabin block fabric baskets

I also made a couple of batik log cabin Christmas fabric baskets using this basket tutorial.

If you love baskets as much as I do, you will want to download the pattern for the larger basket that is available from AccuQuilt right now while it is still free. Download Strippy Catch-All Basket

Christmas log cabin wall hanging or table topper with ivy

Christmas Logs Tutorial

24″ x 24″

Purchase an ad-free printable PDF version of the Christmas Logs tutorial in my shop.


  • 2 different green fabrics – ¼ yard each
  • 3 different red fabrics – ¼ yard each
  • white – 3/8 yard
  • backing 1 yard
  • batting
  • Heat’nBond Lite
  • Applique templates

Note: I used the Island Batik Alpine Jingles 2½” strip set.

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Fabric Cutting

Cut your fabric the following sizes, sew the pieces together with a ¼” seam allowance and press as you go.

  • White fabric – cut 4 – 2½” x 2½” squares
  • White fabric – cut 4 – 2½ x 4½” pieces
  • White fabric – cut 4 – 2½” x 6½” pieces
  • White fabric – cut 4 – 2½” x 8½” pieces
  • White fabric – cut 4 – 2½” x 10½” pieces
  • White fabric – cut 4 – 2½” x 12½” pieces
  • First red fabric – cut 4 – 2½” x 2½” squares
  • Second red fabric – cut 4 – 2½” x 6½” pieces
  • Third red fabric – cut 4 – 2½” x 10½” pieces
  • First green fabric – cut 4 – 2½” x 4½” pieces
  • Second green fabric – cut 4 – 2½” x 8½” fabric

Use the following diagrams to piece all four blocks.

Step 1:

  • Start with the 2½” x 2½” white square and sew the first red 2½” x 2½” square to it.
  • Add the 2½” x 4½” white rectangle next.

Christmas Logs quilt block step one

Step 2:

  • Add the first green fabric – 2½” x 4½” rectangle.
Christmas Logs quilt block step two

Step 3:

  • Add the second red fabric – 2½” x 6½” rectangle.
  • Add the 2½” x 6½” white rectangle next.
Christmas Logs quilt block step three

Step 4:

  • Add the white  2½” x 8½” white rectangle.
Christmas Logs quilt block step four

Step 5:

  • Add the second green fabric – 2½” x 8½” rectangle.
  • Add the second red fabric – 2½” x 10½” rectangle next.
Christmas Logs quilt block step five

Step 6:

  • Add the white fabric – 2½” x 10½” rectangle.
  • Add the final white fabric – 2½” x 12½” rectangle.
Christmas Logs quilt block step six

Step 7:

  • Sew the four blocks together.
  • Cut out the applique pieces and place on corners.
  • Applique and quilt as desired.
  • Choose two of the 2½” strips and use them for the binding.

As usual, I sewed my binding on using my easy machine binding tutorial.

Christmas Logs step 7 sew blocks together
Christmas Logs table topper or center piece finished.

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial! This blog post has been converted to an optional PDF that’s optimized for printing.

Purchase an ad-free printable PDF version of the Christmas Logs tutorial in my shop.

Before you go…..

Making a Log Cabin table topper is fun. Another neat quilt project would be to make the Log Cabin Pillow which is made with bigger strips, read the blog post and learn how to make it.

Log Cabin Pillow Tutorial

Christmas Log Cabin wall hanging tutorial

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  1. Connie,
    Log Cabin is my favorite also, followed by Churn Dash and anything with Stars.
    I also purchased this pattern from you and is very EZ to make. If one has a cutting machine, the holly parts could be cut that way. If one does machine embroidery, they could be embroidered or appliqued on that way also. With “sew” many ideas, I’m like a squirrel chasing a nut but hoping to settle and make some pretties for Christmas.

  2. There is something so statisfying about putting things together – Bob probably feels the same way about quilts pieces as you do about the Christmas Lights! And the Log cabin has so many possibilities. Thanks for getting us in the festive mood!

  3. That is such a cute way to use log cabin blocks. The holly appliques are just perfect.

  4. Is the fBric you used for the Christmas log cabin table topper still available ?

  5. How did I miss this lovely design of yours? It is the feature on Quilting Digest today (11/20/20)! If I get time between other projects, I’m going to squeeze this one in…I love it!

  6. Elaine Powney says:

    I’m making the Christmas Log table topper for my friend for Christmas. It is so colourful. I just printed the holly applique. Thanks.

  7. Barbara Pretola says:

    I look forward to reading your posts. Since the virus I haven’t had any human contact besides my husband and the check out clerk at the grocery store. Sad but true. Why not have Builder Bob make you a cut out truck out of a sheet of plywood to put outside. Where I live we have to pay a heavy fine for having unregistered vehicles. a

  8. Love your projects. Great tutorials. Going to recommend this site to friends. Loving your sewing room and great ideas you have. I see a trip to Ikea in my future. Happy Thanksgiving!!

  9. Suzanne Neils says:

    What is the best batting you use for a table topper that is not too thick

  10. Christine says:

    Great tutorial! I have a lot of scraps to make a Log Cabin. I am excited. I plan to go fabric shopping at Asheville Cotton soon to pick up one or two different colors. And maybe a table runner. All depends on how much materials I have left. Again, thank you!

  11. I absolutely LOVE this table topper! Thank you so much for the great pattern and tutorial.

  12. Kathleen McCormick says:

    It is a lovely table topper! I do love to have them. Mostly I use when I get tired of seeing the tablecloth. It is a nice change of pace. The baskets are perfect….I am think I could make a few with my wild things strip – although there isn’t very much left.

  13. Cant wait for your tutorial to make this topper.

  14. Kathy Everson says:

    What a gorgeous table topper!

  15. Beautiful, Connie. Will make wonderful gifts!

  16. Monta Reina says:

    Where can I get Christmas Log Cabin pattern. I would like to make one. It is beautiful.

  17. Brenda Ackerman says:

    Hello Connie, This is a beautiful table topper that you have created! It has been years since I have made any Log Cabin blocks, but with your Christmas fabric and the applique, it is being pushed to the top of my list. I always enjoy your free motion quilting on your quilts, they always inspire me to try different quilting designs and improve my skills. Thank you for sharing this lovely table topper! Have a spectacular day!

  18. Susan the Farm Quilter says:

    Great table topper – the fabrics are so yummy and your log cabin is one of my favorite patterns too!! Your holly and berries are attached the only way I like to do applique!

  19. Susan Ulrich says:

    Love, love, love your table topper. The holly leave and berries are the perfect touch for the corners! They BELONG there.

  20. Beautiful table topper! I love the way you secured the fusibles with your quilting. Great technique.

  21. Another gorgeous topper! Love it .. and the holly leaves and berries are the perfect accent. l definitely need (want?) to make this one. 🙂 Patti

  22. Gorgeous projects. I love the batiks, and your holly and berries are fabulous.

  23. Love it, Connie. You always do such beautiful projects.

  24. Vicki in MN says:

    Oh I love this topper! I think I say that about every one you have ever done-but it’s true!!! I am still debating over what I want to do with logs this month-I need to hurry up!!

  25. Squeal! I didn’t see the baskets!! all adorable!! I NEED to make some baskets, how many times have I said that to you?? Love you table topper too.