Dianthus Flowers Cherry Berry Batiks – Dad Update

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Yesterday I took this photo of the beautiful Dianthus flowers that I have growing in my yard. I have them sitting on a table topper that I just finished for AccuQuilt. You’ll see it on their blog next month.

Dianthus flowers match Cherry Berry batiks - ConnieKresin.com

Believe it or not, I have been quilting….this is a baby quilt I’ll be sharing soon. It seems like all of the quilt projects I have been working on lately are for posts I won’t be sharing for a bit. I have 4 more quilt projects to finish before I get caught up……..actually make that 5 quilts and projects!

Quilt Flower Bed Statue - ConnieKresin.com

I have been absent from my blog for the last few days as I have been spending my time at the hospital with my dad.

Thank you for all of the emails many of you have sent, he is finally doing better. It is hard to believe it has been 14 days since I took him to the emergency room with a bowel obstruction.

They waited 5 days hoping the problem would resolve on its own before they operated on Saturday. Dad is 84, has had stints, a heart valve replacement and a pacemaker. After the surgery, he went into A-Fib so now that is added to his list, poor guy!

The tubes and monitors are slowly being removed and yesterday they started him on a liquid diet. Hopefully, soon he will be well enough to come home. Since our house is raised because we are on the river he has to be able to climb 20 steps first.

The Mississippi River is still rising but so far we shouldn’t have to worry about flooding getting close to our house. That is a relief!

I don’t do well when my routine is changed, it just throws off my schedule……anyone else like that? I apologize for my lack of posts. I can’t wait to just spend some time in my quilt room…..playing!

One more photo…..you know I love photos! I haven’t had a chance to write a post saying that I am an Aurifil Artisan this year! I can’t wait to get a box of goodies from Aurifil!

Aurifil 2455 Cherry Berry Island Batik collection

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  1. Glad you Dad is doing better and rising to the challenge to return home. That looks like a pretty quilt in your sneak peek photo with the flowers showing it off!

  2. Hi Connie,
    It is so nice to hear that your Dad has turned the corner on a recovery. My brother had a similar issue and they waited as long as they could before they had to do surgery. Those 20 stairs will look like a mountain to him at first. {{Hugs}} for you. The dianthus flowers are just beautiful and one of my favorites. I wish you both can get back into your routines soon. ~smile~

  3. So sorry about your dad. I didn’t know you had not been blogging because I’ve been out too. I just had an obstruction and a foot of my bowel removed, so I know some of what your father is going through. For that liquid diet, I recommend Premier Protein. It is something different. I got tired of Ensure. I got it at the grocery in a 4 pack where I got the Ensure. Hope he gets better soon.

  4. Glad things are looking up for your dad. Yes it is hard when our routines get interupted-I get it! We just got back from camping and no internet there, felt like someone cut my arm off, LOL I started thinking of what projects I need to work on this week, maybe it’s time to start new stuff. What all do you have to do for Aurifil?

  5. I’m happy to hear your Dad is doing much better. I’m sure he is ready to get out of that hospital. I KNOW I would be. Hopefully whatever they’ve fixed will remain that way and he will continue to get stronger each day so he can come home.

    I spent an entire month in the hospital when pregnant with my twins. I was never so happy to leave a place in my life when I got to go home. Of course, I was back again 15 days after that when I had the twins, but I had freedom for a short time.

    You and your sneak peeks for us. Now we have to wait again. LOL Can’t wait to see more.

  6. So glad to hear your Dad is doing better. It’s so hard when they are sick. Lovely flower photo. Stay dry and yes any little change in my routine is getting harder with the years.

  7. So glad to hear your dad is doing better. I know how hard it is when a loved one has medical issues. You are worried about him plus you are worried about all the quilts you have scheduled to make plus all the others things that need to be done. I hope he is able to come home soon but he will need lots of rest to get back to normal. Please take care of yourself too! God Bless You and hope all is back to normal soon.

  8. So glad to hear that your dad is improving. My dad was seriously ill with low sodium this winter/spring and it took four months and a hospitalization for him to recover. He is 86 and up until then had a great memory which is slowly improving. I had to move in with mom to help her care for dad for about 6 weeks. I think I am still recovering. I hope your dad continues to improve and that you continue to enjoy each day you have with him. I know personally that watching a parent become ill and caring for that parent is draining physically and mentally. Do take care of yourself too.

  9. Connie glad to hear your dad is better. It is hard to see parents get older and have health issues. Those flowers are beautiful. take care!

  10. I understand the anxiety of an ill parent. Being a nurse, I have experienced many situations as you describe. It is a difficult one and for someone with age it is even more so. Hopefully, it will be nothing but improvement from here onward.

    It looks like you have been a busy bee in spite of all that is going on in your life. It is hard to be productive when our routines are disturbed. in a minute I am off the rails!

    Take care, have a good Holiday.

  11. Very happy to hear your Dad is doing better. I hope he is soon strong enough to be released from the hospital. I can certainly understand how such worries throw you off balance. Definitely affects me that way. Sending positive thoughts & prayers your way, especially to your father for a speedy recovery.


  12. Connie Dear I am so sorry your Dad has had to go through so much. You are a very good daughter to be there for him. Prayers and Healing Energy for his complete recovery. Congratulations on your Aurifil designation and I just know you will love everything they send you to sew with. Beautiful Dianthus. Feeling Blessed and so very Grateful for all who served to allow us Freedom. <3

  13. So glad to hear your dad is improving. Surgical recovery is hard work.

    Love those pink flowers. My 5 year old granddaughter went flower shopping with me yesterday and then helped me plant them. She picked all happy colors.

  14. So happy to hear your dad is doing better! I’ve been watching for your blog and figured you were pretty busy either with trips to the hospital or your dad was home and you were busy with him. I would have sent you an email but thought you probably had enough to do as it was.

  15. So glad to read that your dad is doing better, Connie. I think that not only the schedule being off, but also the worrying takes a huge toll on our energy level. Being mentally exhausted is as off setting as being physically tired. I’m sure the additional hours spent traveling and sitting in hospital rooms only adds to it. Working on a project when you get home is the last thing you have energy for.

    The dianthus are such a pretty color.

  16. glad your dad has improved to a point of taking liquids. Hope he is up walking frequently throughout the day as that will help in his overall recovery. Glad he is looking at going home soon

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