Checkout my new quilt studio!

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I bet most of you are wondering if I’m ever going to post a quilt tutorial or pattern again! It will happen but right now this remodel/move is slowing me down!

Want to see what is happening?

Our kitchen counter and sink finally came the other day. It is huge so we just went with laminate, I would have loved hard surface counters but I want a quilt studio so I’ll go with this. It looks beautiful with the white under-counter sinks.

Kitchen counter

Builder Bob has also been working like crazy putting up the casing and trim. Then I go along and fill the nail holes. We still have to touch up with paint.

Rug for the dogs

Both toilets were finally installed downstairs which meant we could move the beds downstairs. The beds we are using are just temporary so we didn’t set up the frames. The dogs really love the new arrangement!

We decided to go with the Duraceramic because of our older dogs but we still want rugs on some of the floors.

The other day we made a quick run to the river house to pick up some of my bookcases and we also grabbed this rug that we had used in the basement.

It is 8 feet x 12 feet and fills up the room, hard to believe we had two of these in Bob’s man cave! Eventually, we’ll get something else but for now, it works.

Do you see the table I bought for the TV? My daughter took me to Home Goods the other day…….I can now see why she loves that store! I’ll be heading back there soon!

Sleeping with dogs

If you look closely you can see Sadie laying on the pillow. If I come to bed later……I have a hard time finding a place to sleep!

A better photo of Sadie

Little Sadie looks so sweet! She has actually been kind of cranky and will snarl at all of us at times. Poor Mickey just can’t figure her out. If it is HER idea, they can lay next to each other otherwise…..look out!

Sadie on the bed

Setting up my quilt room

I am finally able to setup my quilt room! We moved the beds downstairs and put the frames in the basement. The twin beds for guests won’t be coming upstairs anytime soon.I was dreading having the quilt room upstairs as the steps are so steep but I have to admit….they aren’t that bad when you’re not going up and down them 50 times a day! Don’t tell Builder Bob but I get used to this setup. Have I been doing any sewing? No, but I am sure having fun arranging things! We brought up three bookcases so I could get a few things organized. I still haven’t found my favorite rotary cutter…..good thing I have a few spares!

setting up a new quilt room

AccuQuilt dies

I love having all of my AccuQuilt dies back on shelves! Builder Bob had a leftover piece of plywood and I had him cut it to fit on top of some of my containers. I’ll use this for an ironing table and possibly a cutting surface.

I’ll really miss my 4-foot by 6-foot cutting table! It will go in storage for now.

Quilt room with accuquilt dies

Computer room

I have set up my computer in the other bedroom. I will also have all of my Ikea Algot storage system baskets in this room. 

The tall ones are perfect for my AccuQuilt electric cutter and all of my Island Batik fabric are in the baskets.

I still haven’t brought up my comfy computer chair or desk. I have a feeling the desk will go in storage for now but this works. I also have another bookcase in here with my books on it.

computer room

Mickey got a haircut!

Mr. Mickey went to the groomer here in Maquoketa yesterday and I love the way she groomed him! Here he is lying on the floor next to me while I’m writing this.

Mickey the poodle

What do you think about using a bathtub like this?

Now that we have our new shower finished downstairs we won’t be using the upstairs tub.

I brought a load of quilted pillows up the other day and just threw them in the tub for right now.

I am also going to hang up several colorful quilted wall hangings. Before too long I’ll have them hanging everywhere!

Bathtub full of pillows

April Showers – free quilt tutorial

Batik Umbrella Quilt is a quilt wall hanging that I did a couple of years ago as an Island Batik ambassador project. It was made with a die from AccuQuilt but if you don’t have it, I also have a template that you can use.

Gosh, when I got looking back, I realized that the very first blog post I did on WordPress was my birthday post in April of 2016. Where does the times go! There was even a photo of me riding a fish!

Be sure and check out the tutorial on it, you can click on the photo to go there.

April Showers quilted batik wall hanging

Don’t forget to check out my quilt tutorials, I bet you’ll find at least one quilt project you’ll want to try!

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  1. Your room looks great but I’m envious of the huge kitchen counter!

  2. Jacqueiine Bonnier says:

    Go on like that. in a few days you will not remember all the work which is done….
    enjoy your new quiltroom.i

  3. It’s so fun to see the progress on your home remodel and how you are setting up the space. Congrats on the progress!

  4. Love your new quilting space! So many great ideas too. Is there a tutorial for Sadie’s quilt that she is on? Really want to make myself one in the same colours. Enjoy your new creative space & thanks for sharing your journey with all of us. 🙂

  5. Looks like you are down-sizing with style! You have made the different spaces in your new home look so welcoming whilst being functional and easy to use. Have fun settling in to your new home. 🙂

  6. Your pups are settling in just fine, as are you. Soon you’ll be breezing through projects again!

  7. Your new house is coming along quite well. I love your sewing room.

  8. Susan the Farm Quilter says:

    Such a long process!! Moving is awful just by itself, but adding renovations to that makes it feel as though you will never reach that finish line!! Soon you will be all put together and back to creating in your studio. It is looking great and I’m so glad you can sleep downstairs where it is cooler. My studio is also on the top floor (we have 3, basement with windows, main and upper) and our old house does not have air conditioning. In the summer I have to get up there early because about 1 I have to stop because the sweat is dripping on my quilts!!

  9. Kara Benavides says:

    Wow! What a lot of work you have done! Love the new counter and the kitchen. I know about down-sizing. Just think of it as less space to clean so more time to design. The pillow tub would be an instant magnet for my cats. hahaha. Love the quilt on your bed. Love the post. You have been so busy! I’m with Sadie: snuggle between the pillows and growl at anyone that comes close. Here’s to more time and energy in each day.

  10. The house is coming together. That is one looong kitchen counter. I can totally understand why you Didn’t go with a solid stone surface. And after all who wants to be in the kitchen when you can be in your wonderful new sewing studio.

    Both puppies are looking adorable.

    Take care! Love, hugs and prayers coming your way.

  11. Margaret Magri says:

    congratulations on your home…love your sewing room…I too have been doing allot of painting and changing things and my sewing room, rec room is next………I hate renovating but I also like the finish. Love your carpet….

    1. Violet Remigio says:

      How exciting for you both. Everything is coming along and before you know it you’ll be creating in your new studio again. Seems like your babies are adjusting just fine. It’s always us that just want everything to be perfect. You both are doing a great job on your new home.

  12. It looks like you are making progress. I haven’t been on here lately so I had lots to look at. Once it’s all done, you can go to town and work on your sewing projects again. I’m sure you can’t wait for that. Everything so far looks wonderful. You both have been very busy. I love the rug you put down. I also like Home Goods and the TV stand you got is really nice too. Once it’s all done, you can relax a bit, have a glass of wine and enjoy your new home. God Bless you both.

  13. Vicki Reilly says:

    Hello, My name is Vicki Reilly and was wondering if you could help me. I make FSL butterflies to size and species and they each take over an hour to make. I had someone ask me If I’d make the whole 12 of them. How do I figure out how much it would cost? I know my time and materials are worth something. But how do I figure out a price when it’s just thread? I made one set with a piece of sky material and then put them in a shadow box. please give me some idea. I”ve been watching your web site since before the flood and just love your sewing room!!! thanks

  14. Looks like you’ve made lots of progress. I can only imagine what it’s like taking on remodeling and moving almost at the same time. Makes me tired just to think about it. Everything looks just beautiful. Congrats!! to you and Builder Bob

  15. Everything is coming together so well, Connie! I’m so happy for you and know you will be glad to get in your final space and have everything in one place soon!

    1. Louise A Johnson says:

      Looking good! I am so impressed by all your work both before and now! It is going to be a beautiful space.

  16. Things are looking really good. Watch out for Home Goods; it can be addictive. I don’t really go there anymore. I had to get rid of so many things when I moved and there just isn’t space for anything else no matter how much I want it. I’ve always had a similar problem with Pier One … addictive!! I was going to mention that Sadie might be grouchy because she doesn’t feel good and saw Beth’s suggestion about checking eyes. That’s also a possibility. I know I get cranky when I don’t feel good. lol

  17. Great progress. I’m sure you are really tired of being in the middle of a remodel this big, but the end must be in sight.

  18. looks like everything is coming along nicely -l think granite counter tops and top grade is sometimes overrated. You have to go with what you can to make your dollars stretch and sometimes when you think of how many years you have left in you what you have should last and last – it is just the two of you after all not a house full — everything looks great to me.

  19. Beautiful sewing room. Cute fur baby. Love the pillows in the tub. One of my youngest daughter’s elementary teachers had a footed tub in the corner of her classroom with several throw pillows in it. Children could earn points by good deeds and spend points earned for different privileges. One of which reading time in the tub!

  20. Sewing room cooking along nicely, thanks for sharing and your umbrella quilt, looking forward to tying this one out. Sadie very cute…

  21. Lori Smanski says:

    wow things are looking beautiful.

  22. It will all happen, but like me, not as fast as we would like. I share my quilting stuff with a lot of other things, and look back to when we lived 2 homes ago, we had a wonderful outside studio, we both had knitting machines, I had 2 HUGE tables, and I had shelves. Lots of windows, but this is NOW, and I must be thankful for all of it. The umbrellas, as it is raining now at 7 a.m. Sunday morning, I think this would be a good project to get cut out. Your bins are so good, and in time you will have it as you need .Love the kitchen floor .Beautiful.

  23. Anna Branch says:

    You are so organized and everything looks lovely. Love the tub idea. A friend of mine has a sauna that they don’t use. She puts all her quilt batts and tops in there.
    Is Miss Sadie being bothered by the heat or perhaps she is just being a diva.
    Congratulations on getting so much done.

  24. You might have the vet check the pressure in Sadie’s eyes. My Lhasa was very defensive and snappy. I can’t say for certain, but after treatment for glaucoma that situation seemed to resolve itself.

    Your remodel seems to be coming along very nicely. I need a change but haven’t a clue on where to start. So I really appreciate anyone who has a vision and makes it happen.

  25. Boy, I thought I had a lot of material. I’m cloth poor. Must go shopping. Envy your quilt room but not having to clean it. Your two babies are treasures.

  26. Barbara Jansz says:

    ✂️So happy for you and Builder Bob! So worth the wait. Your quilt studio is already looking fabulous! ✂️

  27. You’ve made so much progress. Please get your chair in place soon as your back is so important to your well being. The umbrella quilt is cute – we could take some rain here in southern CA but not in some parts of the country. Hoe Goods is almost like going to a quilt shop!

  28. Love the “Never Too Old” photo of you! Lots of great progress is happening a your new home. Everything will come together and you will be very happy with your new spaces. I am still adapting to my new-to-me smaller home after one entire year. Mr. Mickey looks very dapper with his new haircut. Sadie may be snapping due to her lack of hearing. My 18 year old kitty began using her teeth a lot more when she lost her hearing…just a defense mode. Stay cool as Summer is in full Sun and Heat mode.

  29. charlotte kingsley says:

    Love your home especially your quilt room. I love the carpet you have in your living room. Where did you find it? It won’t be long now that every thing will be where you want it

  30. Bonnie Wilson says:

    You have gone through so much but the ending is looking so very good. I admire your spirit through all this to get moved and the flooding but the outcome is inspiring. I have purchased an AccuCutter and am starting on a hunter’s star quilt my 22-year-old granddaughter has chosen. So much easier than trying to cut out all those HST by rotary cutter!!!
    Keep the encouragement going…it looks great!

  31. Jane Waterman says:

    I want your quilt room! Love your dogs, too! I was wondering the purpose of Accuquil.

  32. Btw, almost forgot. Love your quilt studio. Beautiful.

  33. Patricia Evans says:

    Well, you are definitely making progress and getting settled in.

    1. Diana nelson says:

      Isn’t it wonderful to get your quilt room up and running. Everything looks so pretty. That rug you got at Home Goods really makes the room. Love seeing your progress.

  34. I want to try the April showers..looks so cute.

  35. Doreen Sherk says:

    Very nice quilting space and the lighting Is perfect., I also like the carpeting. Sadie looks precious with her head on the pillow.