Bright Colors for a River Squares Baby Quilt

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It is so much fun to look through my fabric stash and find fabrics for a quilt project. The bright colors in this bundle seemed perfect for a bright River Squares baby quilt.

I used to have so much fun shopping at Craftsy when they had a sale. The site no longer sells fabric or supplies, unfortunately. I had a group of fat quarters and also some larger half-yard pieces.

Bundle of colorful quilt fabric

I picked nine different fabrics and made up some River Squares blocks. You’ll find the sizes of the pieces in that post.

Pieces for the River Squares block

My intention was to make a small baby quilt from 9 blocks and then show how I used the leftovers to make a pillow like the brown batik River Squares pillow. Guess I’ll have to do that another time.

When I had the nine blocks made and sewn together, I decided I wanted to make the baby quilt a little bigger so I looked through the scraps and came up with enough to make 3 more blocks.

If you decide to do this, pick 3 of the 5-inch strips and cut the 13-inch pieces from them. Then cut (3) 5-inch squares out of the other 5-inch strips for the center of the blocks before cutting the other sizes needed. If you washed your fabrics, you might not have enough to make 3 more blocks.

9 River Squares blocks

Baby Quilt Size is 39″ x 52″

Here is the baby quilt made from 9 quilt blocks.

9 quilt blocks for baby quilt

I still have some scraps left but not enough to make any more blocks. I was cutting the scraps into 2-inch and 2½-inch squares as I went. I’ll also cut a couple of 5-inch squares and add the fabrics to my scrap fabric bins. Here are my batik scrap bins, I do the same for my regular cotton fabrics too.

leftover fabrics

When I showed the Diagonal Strips quilt, many of you didn’t think it would work for a baby quilt. This one definitely has colors for a baby!

River Squares baby quilt on front porch

Do you like the colors? Now I have two quilts that I need to quilt. Sometimes I find it more fun and relaxing to just piece. What is your favorite part of the quilting process?

River Squares baby quilt on couch

Mr. Mickey was sick last week – he didn’t eat and had trouble going to the bathroom. He also slept a lot. I was so afraid that it was because of his congestive heart condition but thankfully he perked up this week and is back to his old self. I am so happy!

Mr. Mickey on the baby quilt

His hair is looking so cute right now, I found a groomer that will come to the house and she also loves poodles so I’m excited. This will happen in the middle of June and hopefully, I will take some photos!

Cute photo of dog on quilt

Update: It is quilted!

River Squares baby quilt finished
Back of the quilt showing

I used purple thread for the quilting and just did a large meandering stitch. When I wash this baby quilt, it should be nice and fluffy.

closeup of the stitching on the baby quilt

You can also purchase an ad-free printable PDF version of the River Squares quilt tutorial in my shop. The photos have been reduced in size.

We discovered a neat furniture store close by called Homemakers and it has been so much fun to shop there! We used a tall wooden table at the country house but decided we wanted a lower table that wasn’t wood. There is a FB group in Ankeny for selling things and yesterday we sold the table and it was picked up last night! Today our new one will be delivered.

dining room table

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  1. I love the colors in the baby quilt. It is so pretty. I have a question. Do you wash your fat quarters before you sew them?

  2. I remember this bundle I had it too….long gone. Lol. Your baby quilt is cute! Sorry I’m way behind on reading blogs

  3. Connie, what a beautiful cheerful quilt for a baby! Or anyone to brighten their day. Love the prints!
    I enjoy the piecing once I figure out the block pattern to use. Also enjoy doing the binding because that means the quilt is almost done, and then on to the next project!!
    Thank you for all your inspiration you give.

  4. Love your colors they are cheerful great selection for a Baby quilt.
    Glad you and builder Bob are doing well. Love You Barb 😊 ♥️

  5. What a lovely colourful quilt, expertly displayed by a very gorgeous Mr Mickey (glad he’s feeling better) . I love the quilt on the wall in your photos about your table – does it have a name ?

  6. Lovely bright colors — perfect for a baby quilt! I’m glad Mr. Mickey is feeling better! Cutting and piecing are my favorite parts of the quilting process!

  7. I love this quilt for a baby. It is fun and bright and babies are drawn to bright colours even in the very early days. Looks like it was a fun project.
    As for my favourite part in the quilt making process, I love picking the fabrics and the selecting a pattern. I am in the process of starting my first ever quilt that was not a panel that I just sewed around certain parts in the patterned fabric to draw the eye. I hope to be a good as you and others who are seasoned quilters! it is going along nicely so far!

  8. What cheerful colors and fabric and a delightful baby quilt. Sorry to hear Mr. Mickey had a few days of not feeling good, but happy to hear he is feeling better. I hope he has far more good days ahead!

  9. I love the bright fabric for this baby quilt, and especially the handsome guy posing on it!!

  10. I love all the cheerful colors and the pattern is so simple. I am putting this one on my to-do list. I used to buy a lot of fabric from craftsy too. They had really good sales.

  11. Looks like you are having fun with the new house. I also peeked at the furniture store website as I am needing a dining room set too. Love the colorful baby quilt – some really lucky little kid is going to love it!

  12. The fabrics colours and design are fabulous.
    This gorgeous baby quilt has the 4-paw stamp of approval from Mr Mickey. It’s as if he is saying “Just try to get this one away from me!”
    I’m definitely putting this one high up of the list of my to do projects.
    Thanks, Connie, for this amazing quilt design.

  13. Lovely bright colors to have when there are dull dark days. They are cheerful, bright colors. love them.

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