Blue Batik Piano Keys Table Runner

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I had several people say that they would like to see the Piano Keys table runner with the background fabric in the center so you could put a centerpiece in the middle of the runner so I made this blue batik Piano Keys table runner.

Well, I couldn’t resist making one like that! This one will be a gift for someone who has blue in their dining room, I hope they will like it. Can you see little Rusty to the left? He is not crazy about getting his picture taken.

Piano Keys table runner in blue and white
Piano Keys table runner in blue and white

I have made this table runner several times and you can find links to all of them at the end of the post. Some have applique on them.

Blue Batik Fabrics

I chose 7 different blue batik fabrics for this table runner and a white batik for the background fabric. I have updated the quilt pattern and included another page that shows the sizes I cut the fabrics. If you have already purchased this pattern, you should be getting an email from me telling you to download the updated pattern.

Cutting the blue batiks for the runner
Cutting the blue batiks for the runner

I pieced both sides of the table runner with the same blue batiks as you can see below.

Rows of table runner laid out
Rows of the table runner laid out

Quilting on the Blue Piano Keys Tabe Runner

I used my vintage 15-91 Singer sewing machine to do all of my piecing and quilting. I used a white 50-wt Aurifil thread on the white batik and did a small meandering. I then switched to a blue 50-wt Aurifil thread and did a larger meandering on the blue batiks.

Blue piano keys table runner all quilted and bound
Blue piano keys table runner all quilted and bound

I like to use binding clips to hold my binding in place while I sew it on by machine.

Closeup of the quilting on the blue batik Piano Keys table runner
Closer look at the free-motion quilting

Blue Batik Piano Keys Table Runner

As I mentioned before, this is a fast and easy quilt pattern and there isn’t a wrong way to put the rows together. Here are a few ways you could do it.

As you can see, I have made this table runner many times. I have also gifted some.

Different Piano Keys table runners
Different Piano Keys table runners

Piano Keys Table Runner in 2 different colors

Here are the two Piano Keys table runners that I shared in my last post.

Piano Keys table runner in 2 colors
Pink Piano Keys table runner on deck

If you have already purchased this pattern, you should be getting an email from me telling you to download the updated pattern.

Blue Piano Keys

More Piano Keys Table Runners

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  1. Carol lee says:

    So tired of commercials when trying to look at patterns!!! Need to look at other sites!!!

  2. Elizabeth Sharp says:

    Hi Connie,
    First I would like to send my condolences for your loss of Mr. Mickey…it is the hardest thing ever to have to say good bye to your fur friends. I feel you and Bob are very special people to take on the older dogs knowing they can’t stay as long as we want them to.I haven’t done a lot of quilting…..maybe 20 quilts ,but your the only one I’ve subscribed to and really enjoy you sharing your quilting and dog stories .I’m gathering fabrics to do the Christmas tree runner as I really like it and thought I would do it just regular trees like you did and then try one with tree fabric I have where the branches have decorations on them and see how that looks, ha ha, not sure.I live on the far west coast of British Columbia, Canada on Vancouver Island. I am looking forward to your next posting.

  3. LOVE the red and white one with the hearts!

  4. Very crisp and clean looking, love the colors, the design and the quilting really makes it.

  5. Robyn Lidstone says:

    Thanks for the update Connie. All the colour combinations are great. I’d like to make them all, but the blue and white is my favourite. So are Batiks !!

  6. It’s so fun to see it in so many colors. I like the reverse colors in the blues too. Very pretty.

  7. Lois Blue says:

    Connie, Something went Wrong with my email. I love the blue and white table runner. Stay war and keep quilting. Hugs, Lois

  8. Lois Blue says:

    nand keep on quilting. Hugs, LoisThanks Connie, I love the new pattern and the blue is great. Stay warm

  9. I’ve made piano keys in red for Valentine’s Day and green for st paddy’s day. This is such a versatile pattern for a table runner.

  10. WOW look at all the wonderful colors! Nothing shines like batik! The pattern looks so easy to do – dark to light, light to dark, inside out! All great choices. Our weather (Chicago) has settled down to just cold. That I can handle! Stay inside and QUILT! Thanks, j

  11. Glenda Bilinsky says:

    Love the new version of this pattern and I want to say thanks for showing all the different possibilities! Stay warm🥰.
    Glenda B. 🇨🇦

  12. Beautiful! I love all the different ways to arrange the strips to add appliqué. Fun!