Big and Small Scattered Quilt

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I really like mini quilts!

The other day I showed the mini Scattered quilt which is the mini of my pattern. Here is the original size of Scattered without a border and then the mini I showed the other day. Big difference in size!

Scattered quilt pattern -

What I like about miniatures is that you can put quite a few quilts up in the same amount of space that would only be able to show one regular sized quilt.

Showing the Scattered quilt pattern in a mini size

This is another mini Scattered with a border on it. I bet you are surprised to see a quilt that doesn’t have batiks in it! I pieced this back in September and blogged about it here when I was experimenting with the pattern.

Showing the Scattered quilt pattern in a mini size

Here it is with the other mini so you can see it with or without a border.

Showing the Scattered quilt pattern in a mini size

One more….because I couldn’t resist….

Showing the Scattered quilt pattern in a mini size

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  1. Love the stain glass look. Keep up the walking! I track mine with my iPhone. Works great. Been a walker for 40 years! Makes the day better and gets the endorphin's going!

  2. I love mini quilts too, instant gratification. Your scattered quilts are so pretty and so different. How wonderful that you are walking regularly. I can't wait to get out again as soon as I am over this flu that has me confined to the bed currently.


  3. Every quilt in every size that you create is amazing. The Batiks are super stunning and look so much like stained glass. I LOVE them very much. Fun small size for lots of uses. Love seeing your photo and looks like a great day with friends. Congratulations on your walking so much. Embracing Creative Bliss…

  4. I loved your Scattered quilt the very first time I saw it. It's on my list of quilts I want to make. Hopefully I will get back to sewing & quilting fairly soon. Your newest Mini Scattered is just adorable!

  5. Love your quilt… may have to try a mini….
    Interested in your "Walk Away" program… can you share… just diagnosed with HBP… ugh… loosing weight and exercise on my horizon. thanks in advance

  6. Those minis are so darned cute I'm thinking you could become addicted to making those. I like the mini without the border probably because of the stained glass effect but both are super.

  7. I lived in central Illinois from 69 to 97. Many a trip to Princeton to that packed fabric store from the BMI area! But I lived in small town in Whiteside Co before 69. We would have to travel near Princeton to go visit family. Fulton, in our back yard practically!

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