Batik Thread Basket

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Batik quilted basket for thread

Making fabric baskets can be a lot of fun and I always like to experiments with the sizes.

Batik Thread Basket

When I received my box of fabrics and thread from Island Batik, I pulled out a couple of pieces of batiks and made this little thread basket.

I started out using my easy fabric box tutorial but I cut my fabric pieces 8″ x 16″.

I sewed them together along with a piece of Warm & Natural batting and top-stitched it.

Then I decided to try something different, I measured about 1 ½” from the edges and then stitched along this line.

basket pieces and top-stitching

Then I  made my corners with a 1 ½” dart. (Full instructions in my Fabric Basket tutorial).

batik thread basket sides

The basket still seemed a little flimsy so I decided to fold the bottom sides and stitch around them about 1/8″ in.

This really seemed to make the basket sit better.

Batik Thread basket topstitching

Then I clipped out the corners and enclosed the seams.

Batik Thread basket cut corners

I should have used stiffer interfacing along with the batting so the sides would have been firmer.

Quilted Thread Basket

Did you see my post where I made several Valentine batik fabric baskets?

I also mentioned that I was just experimenting when I made this rectangle basket, of course afterward I looked around and there are some great tutorials for making something like this.

Difference in stiffer interfacing

This basket was made with the AGF fabrics leftover from my Filigree quilt.

I used a stiff interfacing in it and I like the way it looks. Pellon Ultra Firm Sew-In was the interfacing I used.

Filigree basket

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  1. DELLA STEVENS says:

    Hi Connie, I’m trying to make a thread basket but can’t seem to get the corners right. I’ve made several of the other baskets and they came out fine, but when i do the corners on this they come out wonky. What am I doing wrong?? Thanks.

  2. These are so cute , pdf came across fine , I will try and make a few of these boxes , Thank You again ! Also I do a lot of embroidery, I use Robinson Anton , let me know a good place to purchase! Thank you Joan

    1. So glad you got it Joan, they are fun to make. I have not heard of Robinson Anton but I googled it and there are several places you can buy it. Just do a search on Robinson Anton. The thread sounds beautiful!

  3. Lovely Batik Thread Basket. I kind of like the non-rigid sides…they give it motion along with your free=style quilting. Beautiful Dear. <3

    1. Thanks Sherry, you always see the best in everything!!

  4. Love your basket! I’m really drooling at the rainbow inside the basket! The baskets have so many possibilities. I use cloth napkins, so a basket full of napkins would be a neat shower gift… if I could bear to part with it. I’m thinking a baguette in a basket…

    1. Oh a napkin basket would be great Miriam! I wonder what size would be good…..

  5. Great basket Connie! That would be a nice shaped basket for utensils or rotary cutters and scissors too!

    1. Thanks Daryl, a stiffer interfacing would really make a nice basket.

  6. That is such a great idea and fits the threads perfectly.

    1. Thanks Mary, it was just a spur of the moment project.

  7. what a cool idea! my thread rack is now filled and I have the new threads just on the counter, need a home for them…..

    1. You sound like me Bea….thread all over the place, love looking at them!