Batik Diagonal Quilt for Mr. Mickey

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Several months ago I pieced this batik diagonal quilt and shared the tutorial for it. I was planning on this being a baby quilt and it was interesting to see how divided everyone’s opinion on it was. Many thought the colors weren’t right for a baby quilt, I still think it would make a beautiful baby quilt but the colors work in our living room so I think this will be Mr. Mickey’s quilt.

Green batik diagonal quilt on wall with display

It is hard to believe that it has been just a little over two months since we moved to Ankeny! I am finally getting back into the quilting mode.

Life is good

I’m having fun! Three walks a day with Mr. Mickey keeps me active but not losing any weight because we are having fun trying out new restaurants all the time. It has been almost a year since we found out that Mr. Mickey has congestive heart failure. The medications are working thank goodness and we cherish each day with him.

There may not be pictures on the walls in our living room but I have rearranged my quilt studio 3 times already! Yesterday I did it again so I could have a place to take photos of my work. I still have the faux brick wall that is perfect for photography. Here is a peek at what it looks like.

Faux brick wall used for photography of quilts

Vintage 15-91 Sewing Machine

I am still doing all of my free motion quilting on my vintage 15-91 Singer sewing machine. It really helps to have a table behind and to the right of your sewing machine to support the quilt while quilting.

Quilting on a 15-91 Singer sewing machine

When it gets to the point of quilting, I usually want to do something that doesn’t take much time which is why you will see so many of my quilts are quilted with a simple meandering stitch.

The thread I used is a light green and it only shows up on the solid light color so I did a simple little swirl there.

Closeup of the free motion quilting

I used the dark green batik for the binding.

Green Batik Diagonal Quilt

I can still see it as a baby quilt or it would be perfect for a lap quilt in a wheel chair.

Daigonal green quilt on brick wall

Mr. Mickey approves of the quilt!

Closeup of Mr. Mickey the miniature poodle on the quilt
Mr. Mickey the miniature poodle on the quilt

Did you miss the tutorial? Here is the blog post for the Batik Diagonal quilt tutorial.

You can also purchase an ad-free printable PDF version of the Diagonal Strips Baby Quilt tutorial in my shop. The photos have been reduced in size.

Green batik quilt next to wood chair

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Connie with her dogs

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Hi, I’m Connie Kresin Campbell, the quilter, writer, and photographer behind Freemotion By the River. I enjoy inspiring others with my quilt tutorials and patterns. You’ll also see my sweet adopted dogs from time to time.

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  1. such tranquil colors. Yes, Mr. Mickey took to it right away and looks so comfortable and loved on it.
    Rusty’s eyes looks so good, clear and healthy, so good to hear he is recovering so well and his appetite too.
    I know how satisfying it must be to see them both doing well and that the give so much love and receive the same.

  2. Glad your fur baby is doing good. We are trying to save our dogs eye currently. I didn’t even know there were dog opthomologists until last Thursday. Anyway, we are starting a process to hopefully save it. I know how you feel about Mr. Mickey, I feel the same way about Jack. Yes, they both have people names. 😊

  3. Judy Beeks says:

    So happy to get the latest on Mr. Mickey. Our furry family are so vital to our lives.

  4. This Batik quilt is gorgeous. I see it being perfect for anyone and anything. Mr. Mickey is so sweet and looks precious on his quilt. Enjoying your Summer in Ankeny and exploring new things.

  5. Beautiful design and the colors are very soft and “spa-like”. If the baby nursery had a woodlands kind of theme, then these greens would be perfect.

  6. Hi Connie,
    I love your light to dark batik Diagonal Blocks Quilt. I do have a question though. You said that you used 2 different darks in the blocks quilt but I can’t see the difference in the darks in the photos on the blog post. I thought at first that perhaps you had used 1 dark in the blocks and 1 dark in the binding but you have listed another 1/4 yard of dark batik for the binding separately. Is the 2nd dark “block” fabric really necessary or will I have enough fabric to make the quilt with just one 1/4 yard of dark batik for the blocks and 1/4 yard of dark batik for the binding. Was there a reason that you chose to use 2 different darks in the blocks?

  7. Well, I have to tell you my little story. When I opened this post I thought to myself…Connie is amazing, she has already painted the brick in her studio and set up a beautiful, non-cluttered focal point! I still have stuff piled in corners near the doorway after having a sort-out for donations to a local charity! You just moved and you got all this done, it is just so inspiring! I like the quilt the first time you showed it and I think I like it even more now. So glad Mr. Mickey likes it too. My dogs have always had cozy quilts, usually not new, but ones that have done their duty for us and now a bit faded and frayed. Actually, I just put a new quilt on my family room sofa for Lola. My plan is to replace that sofa soon and I wanted her to be used to having one there, easier for me to wash and replace. She is a big Goldendoodle and has been on that couch from day one, she is now 4 years old. I can imagine how sweet little Mr. Mickey was stressed with the fireworks. Some dogs are terrified. May the rest of your Summer be calm and quiet!

  8. What a lucky dog. I’m glad your having fun.

  9. Hi Connie! Happy 4th to you!💙♥️🇺🇸🎉💥♥️💙
    I love your green quilt! The colors are beautiful! Mr Mickey is a lucky doggie! 💚

  10. I am making this quilt from batiks I’ve gathered through the years, mostly at quilt shows. So many are fat quarters. Mostlpurple and greens, fortunately I need some lighter ones. It won’t be as orderly as yours but I got the downloaded pattern and will see how it goes. Thanks for the pattern.

    1. It will be beautiful Rosalie and I hope you’ll share a photo of it when done!

  11. Hi Connie,
    I do have another question. When you have your 3 layers all done and are ready to do your quilting. How do you proceed? Do you start by pinning in various places so the layers stay together and don’t slide? Or you have another fun trick. I am going to try to quilt a small item. And do you need a special foot to quilt?
    PS I love all your gorgeous quilts and ideas/ I have two Accuquilt machines, but not as many dies. So I have to make due with the ones I do have.

    1. Pinning – if it is something small I will just use pins to hold everything together and I always start quilting in the center. If it is a bigger quilt, I use quilting safety pins to hold everything together. I also start in the center. I use a darning foot and drop my feed dogs when I quilt, the stitch length is zero. Good luck!

  12. Stacia Roble says:

    Hi Connie,
    I enjoy your tutorials; this one is especially nice! Love the colors. Mr. Mickey is so so cute and I am glad he is doing well. Enjoy your new home – it looks lovely!

  13. Connie, I do love that qult too and the colors you chose, a baby wont care about the color or the pattern. Mr Mickey doesnt seem to care either. Our little Buddy Bichon doesnt care either. He’ll sleep on anything if you leave it, he will use it. Lately he’s been sleeping on the cool floor when it is so hot out. Has been hot here 30 to 33 c. Thats into the 90 f range. The last few days have been wet, and a nice change. Some flooding going on around the lake. over one thousand klms of shoreline and a 12 or 13 foot rise in water level. Glad we are up higher and not a threat to us. At least there are no forest fires…..yet.! Enjoy your 4th of July. Ours was on Friday, July 1st, “Canada Day.”

  14. The quilt is awesome hope Mr Mickey enjoy it just as much as you enjoyed making it, I’m glad that you’re getting back to your family routine in your new home, it’s hot here with a chance of rain I plan on staying home no fireworks for me it really frighten me it’s the next thing to lightning and thunder and I don’t get along with that either but I hope you enjoy your holiday time

  15. Love the color play and how it makes the square in the middle! I played with the photo on photoshop to see how it will work as a full size quilt using the light green border as a wide sashing and it’s stunning! I’m doing Christmas panel quilts right now! Hopefully the snow pictures will keep me cool!
    Mr. M. You are a Rock Star!

  16. Personally, I love the colors for a Baby boy. I am with Mr. Mickey I hate the fireworks, too. Besides, The fireworks originally began because of a Chinese Man throwing his bamboo down in the middle of a fire. So for me, they are not an American thing.

    I love the idea of Mr. Mickey having his own bwlanky :).

  17. Mr Mickey looks so contented on the quilt and the colors go well with his coloring!

  18. Dianne Mann says:

    Connie, I loved this quilt the first time it was posted and even more now! Making it
    for a new baby coming in December.
    The faux wall looks great. Very nice setting.
    Enjoy your holiday and cheers to Mr. Mickey. He looks so happy.

  19. Lois Blue says:

    Dear Connie, I so enjoy your blog and I love Mr. Mickey. We lost our Katie last September, she was 13 and a beautiful Morkie. We hope Mr. Mickey continues to do well on his meds. I love your quilting and so enjoy seeing all the projects you make. Please keep up the great work. Love, Lois

  20. So happy to hear that Mr. Mickey is getting the quilt. I think the green batiks you used are lovely. Our pup (an almost 12-year old labradoodle) was diagnosed with congestive heart failure in March; the vet said we would probably lose her before a year. It is encouraging to hear that Mr. Mickey is still going strong at the 1-year mark. Our pup seems to being pretty well on the meds, but is also starting to cough more. Thanks for sharing the updates on your quilting studio and the lovely quilts that you make.

  21. Vicki in MN says:

    I really like the design and the pop of the dark green. Mr. Mickey looks like he highly approves and says mine, mine, all mine;)

  22. I Love the quilt! Mickey is soooo adorable. Perfect pic of him laying on His quilt! Thank you so much for everything you do and passing on great tutorials ❤️ Beautiful home you purchased and hopefully it’s your last. Lol
    Stay Safe and keep up the great work taking Mr. Mickey for his walks. I know my Yorki Terrier Loves his…