Batik Coasters and Fabric Basket Tutorial

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I always enjoy using up every last piece of fabric from a project, especially when the fabrics are batiks.

I used the scraps leftover from the Strippy Catch-All Baskets that I posted about earlier to make some neat little coasters.

Batik Coasters and Fabric Basket Tutorial

Batik Coasters and Fabric Basket Tutorial

I recently made another Strippy Fabric Basket that is perfect for summer flowers and also talk about a mistake I made when making it.

Since I don’t like to waste anything, I decided to make coasters from the leftover corners from the basket fabric.

Batik Coasters and Fabric Basket Tutorial finished

Using the corners

  • I did a little free-motion flower on each of the corners that weren’t strip pieced.
  • Then I just placed a strip piece and a flower piece right sides together and sewed around the block with a 1/4 inch seam.
  • I left a little 2 inch opening on one side so I could turn the coaster right side out.
  • Give it a little press and then top-stitch around it.

You now have a cute little coaster that is a 4-inch square.

Batik Coasters and Fabric Basket Tutorial with free motion embroidered flower

The basket pattern is still free so grab it. Download Strippy Catch-All Baskets. Belinda from Samplings of a Blue Ribbon Girl designed the pattern for AccuQuilt and it is very easy it was to make!

Here is a photo of the corners that were cut from the basket pattern – you can read my post here if you missed it.

Batik Coasters and Fabric Basket Tutorial cutting corners

The coasters looked like they needed a little something extra so I did a little free motion quilting on my vintage 15-91 Singer sewing machine.

When I decided to add the flowers to the coasters I didn’t worry about drawing lines or anything. If you notice……some have 6 petals…..5 petals…..7 petals. I really need to quit daydreaming when I am free-motion quilting.

Batik Coasters and Fabric Basket Tutorial with free motion

You wouldn’t want to use the basket as a holder for the coasters….it is a little too big…..but I just wanted to show them in it.

The little coasters are cute with just the strip pieced fabric showing if you don’t want to do any free motion flowers.

Batik Coasters and Fabric Basket Tutorial basket with coasters in it

There are 5 different sizes included in the basket pattern…..I could always make a smaller one to hold the coasters…..so many ideas!

Batik Coasters and Fabric Basket Tutorial strip coasters

Batik Coasters and Fabric Basket Tutorial

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  2. Ella and Nesta says:

    You're coasters are so pretty and the flowers are perfect. They're more interesting all different! Thank you for the tip for the baskets, I've ordered mine!

  3. just curious. How small scraps do you save?
    I know I need to get rid of a lot!

  4. Createology says:

    Brilliant use of all the corners. Your little FMQ flowers are quite the pop of cheer on those beautiful batik fabrics. Creative Gifting Bliss…

  5. Calicojoan says:

    Great way to use all that beautiful batik and a fun way to play with free motion too!

  6. Sue G Johnson says:

    The coasters and basket look fabulous! Love the quilted flower.

  7. Missy Shay says:

    This would be a great gift idea!

  8. You do get a lot of mileage out of your fabric! These are so cute. 🙂

  9. Cute coasters! They would make a great gift.

  10. So many ideas, indeed! I love the basket and those coasters are just too much! Have a great afternoon!