Baby Quilt Challenge with AccuQuilt

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For the month of April, the Island Batik ambassadors are to create a baby quilt using the AccuQuilt GO! 8 inch Qube set and of course some of Island Batik’s beautiful batiks.

I always enjoy using my AccuQuilt cutter as it makes it so fast and easy to cut out fabric. You can cut all the pieces for a baby quilt in no time at all. You will find many AccuQuilt tutorials on my blog as I have been using the dies for a long time and have done many guest posts on AccuQuilt’s website.
Baby Quilt made with AccuQuilt Qube die and Island Batik fabrics

Island Batik Ready, Set, Go! Challenge Baby Quilt

Half square triangles can easily be made with the HST die. When you cut the pieces, the corners are cut dog-eared so it is very easy to match the pieces and sew them together. 

Baby Quilt made with AccuQuilt Qube die HST quilt blocks

There are five different sizes of AccuQuilt Qubes and each set contains the same shapes but in different sizes. the sizes are six inch, eight inch, nine inch, ten inch and twelve inch. If you like to make big quilts fast, then the twelve inch Qube set would be perfect for you.

Take a look at how easy this block is to make! I used all half square triangle blocks and one 4½” square block to create this 8½” unfinished block.

Baby Quilt made with AccuQuilt Qube quilt block

Turn the half square triangle in a different direction and you end up with an entirely different look! Which do you like better?

Baby Quilt made with AccuQuilt Qube quilt block

Here is my baby quilt so far, I got a little carried away making the quilt blocks and even though the challenge calls for a square quilt, I may make mine just a little bit longer.
Baby Quilt made with AccuQuilt Qube die and Island Batik fabrics extra blocksI plan to get it quilted and finished this weekend when we come home.

Update: I finished the quilt! Be sure and take a look at my Ready Set GO! Island Batik baby quilt.

Demolish Saga

Do you feel like I disappeared after telling you we were starting to demolish our new house? We are still in Maquoketa where we have been working on the house and I have been babysitting the granddaughters in the evening. I am writing this post as I wait for them to get up for school.

We have no internet at the new house and I didn’t watch the girls until Monday afternoon so that is my first excuse.

Tougher than we thought

Second excuse: we are getting too old for this kind of work! We have had fun and lots of laughs but our bodies just don’t seem to recover very fast. Would you believe we went to bed by 8 on Friday, Saturday and Sunday!

It has been about twelve years since we did a major remodel like this and some where along the line we got old! I have not had enough energy to even write a blog post.

My camera is at the house and I have been taking pictures of all the work we have been doing and will share them. We have decided to make a few changes and I’ll share that soon. I got in 22,000 steps on my Fitbit yesterday…..yep, I’m sore!

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  1. What a fun quilt to make and the Accuquilt dies cut off the dog ears for us to make sewing much easier and neater. Yea! Thank you for the patterns you share with us.
    Hang in there with the renovations. One step at a time. Stay well.
    Continued blessings…

  2. So impressed with you doing all of this. We like to use the royal “we” when it comes to rennovating – having someone else do it. My husband could (and me too) but we are much happier when others do it. When we sold our big house 2 years ago we were exhausted all the downsizing/moving/setting up. Your quilt, as always is lovely.

  3. It’s finally warmed up enough here so I can get out and do some yard and garden work. And yes, my aging body feels every muscle. Can’t work outside all day any more.

  4. Connie Dear you and Builder Bob are Amazing and you will get your renovations done…i just may take a little longer than you hoped. Thank you very much for taking your precious time to post and keep us updated. Fun baby quilt you have created for Island Batik fabrics. Tylenol helps…

  5. HAH! I just adopted a new dog and haven’t had to walk one for a few months. This aging body was so tired after just two days that I was almost in tears. You guys take your time with the renovations. It will all get done in time and there is no point in driving yourselves to the point you can’t enjoy the new house.

  6. You and Builder Bob are two people to be admired for taking on this huge task. I can relate to your tiredness.
    Thank you for still finding time to send us your beautiful ideas for quilts.

    I’m not a beginner quilter, but have trouble trying to figure out your pattern without the accuquilt.

    Can you please forward the size of the 1/2 square triangle measurements, if possible and when you have time. This would be a great charity quilt for the little ones. Thank you in advance Connie and Happy Easter to you and the family.

  7. Hello Connie, I know I have missed your posts, but knew you were busy with Builder Bob with the renovations you two are doing and also with helping with the Grandkids. I can understand the aging part as we are starting to begin getting ready for our move, we are not experiencing anything close to what you are. Yet, we keep teasing one another that our last move was supposed to be our last move. I have still been working on UFO projects and having so much fun. I really like this new Baby Quilt you have designed, Connie! I hope that I have the opportunity to create at least the blocks very soon before I pack up the sewing room. Thank you so much for sharing and have a great time with everything you are doing!

  8. Time sure does catch up with us and sometimes it’s a surprise like the day I couldn’t go above the third step on the ladder! When the year before I had cleaned all the gutters no problem. Anyway, rest your bones and renew for the next step. It’s exciting to have such a project.

  9. I can sure understand how much harder that remodeling work gets as we age. I’m only 65 but already worried about the stairs since my sewing room is in the basement. The process will be slower, but you will probably end up with exactly what you want the house to be.

    The baby quilt blocks are fantastic! Love them!

  10. Shoot – the grim reality strikes! Good to listen to your body and go to bed at 8 if you need to do so. Just don’t overdo regularly! 22,000 steps makes me tired just thinking about it! Go easy, Connie. Go easy.

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