Baby Blue Scrap Quilt

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Here is another quilt that has been hanging in my closet for several years and I finally quilted it. The Baby Blue scrap quilt is made from half square triangle blocks and 4 square blocks and is a great way to use up your scraps.

Baby Blue Scrap Quilt

36 inch baby quilt

36″ x 36″

I have no idea why I never finished this as it is only 36″ x 36″. I actually have another one just like it using bigger quilt blocks and it hasn’t been quilted either.

Several years ago I made a full-size quilt like this and donated it to a auction to help raise money for a neighbor child who was sick. I think I first saw a quilt like this from Bonnie Hunter from Quiltville and it was when I was using all of the old quilt fabrics in my stash.

36 x 36 baby quilt

Rusty approves

It was a little sunny out and Rusty is squinting but he is really getting good about posing on my quilts.

My favorite quilting tools

These are some of the items that I use all the time when I’m quilting.

Rusty the dog and the Baby Blue scrap baby quilt

Two quilt blocks

The quilt is made from two very simple quilt blocks. The half square triangle and the 4 patch.

The half square triangles are made from 3-7/8″ squares cut diagonally and the 4 patch blocks are made from (4) – 2-inch squares.

Learn how to make simple half square triangles that I used to make this quilt.

If you have the 6-inch AccuQuilt Qube, you can cut these blocks fast and accurately.

Quilt blocks that are used in the quilt

Keeping Builder Bob busy

Builder Bob did a great job putting all of the raised beds together. It is hard to believe it is March as the weather is beautiful. We put them together on our patio because it made it easier to find the nuts and bolts that we dropped. I can’t imagine trying to find them in the grass.

There isn’t a bottom on the beds so we were able to carry them…..slowly, but we did it!

Builder Bob putting the Vego Garden flower bed together

Vego Garden Beds

I first bought a 2 foot by 8 foot bed and then I ordered two 4 foot by 8 foot raised garden beds from Vego Garden. They went together easily and the directions said it took 50 minutes to build one. Well we took “many” breaks and it took us about 4 hours to put both of them together and move them into position. We probably spent an hour trying to decide how to arrange them.

Raised garden beds and quilt

Fill with logs and branches

The first thing you do is place the cardboard box in the bottom of the raised bed and any other cardboard you had.

Luckily our neighbor cut down a dead tree last year and he was happy to bring over the pieces so we could fill the bottom of our beds.

Filling the raised bed with branches

Add mulch

Next we added mulch. Ankeny has free mulch and compost and we made several trips to get some.

Today we will go get compost for the next layer in the beds and then we will add the good soil.

Now add a layer of mulch in the raised bed

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Connie with her dogs

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  1. Barbara Christiansen says:

    I have forgotten the number of your bigger Singer sewing machine, was it like 1931 or 1951, I can’t remember? Could you give me that number again? Thank you in advance.

  2. Ida Dunbetter says:

    Hi Connie,

    Thank you for sharing so many of designs for free. I love your emphasis on scrappy quilts.

    I don’t know if you have any control over this, but there are so many ads that pop up on top of your posts, it becomes very difficult to read them.

  3. Love the colors you use and seeing your quilts. Thank you, you continue to inspire!

  4. Love your layout and colors. It’d just gorgeous 😍

  5. Thanks for sharing the quilt and flower beds. Always wanted to try that. Rusty looks so content on the “Quilt that waited for him”. Quite a nice pattern and says “Little House” to me with all its scrappiness in blue.

  6. Johanne Hagar says:

    Hi Connie and Bob, your vego gardens are great looking. I only have wooden ones and they are beginning to rot. My suggestion for placing them might be too late but ours were too close and we couldn’t mow between them with the mower.
    Your quilt is beautiful ! I am using up my scraps as well , it gives me another idea, thank you and have a good spring. Johanne

  7. Sherry Ellison says:

    Hi Sweet Connie: Your quilts are BLUEtiful. You always have such great tutorials I almost wish I would learn to quilt. I am actually in love with learning how to watercolor. So many wonderful options for us creative types. Rusty is looking good and his modeling career is blooming. You will have a wonderful garden with your raised beds. Creative Bliss…

  8. Anne Rule says:

    Do you have a pattern for the Baby Blue Scrap quilt? I love your patterns and designs. This would be a fabulous quilt to make for charity and in different colours.

  9. Nancy Owens says:

    Love your raised beds. Those nice slow curves will hold pool noodles to cushion the plants and you.

  10. Love this little quilt! So cute for a baby. Looks like Bob is in the “time-out” box. No, no. We know he’s a good boy. Thanks Connie for your posts. Love your patterns.

  11. Shellie Towne says:

    Hi Connie, that quilt, the blue one is very pretty. The veggie bed bins are what I need for the back yard, is it just galvanized tin panels and bolted together ?? Must try this.

  12. Linda Jennings says:

    I like that quilt. It would also be cool in a scrappy verison(since we all have a lot of scraps) It’s beautiful here too but windy. I like those raised beds. I didn’t know they make them in metal. Mine are wood and on legs. I have them on my deck. They get sun all summer long. I still have a cabbage growing from last year. It never form a head so I left it. So we’ll see what it does now.

  13. Always good to see you and the pupper. I always wondered how you got those tubs home – we have a neighbor with those. I see lots of tomatoes and yummy stuff coming out of this garden. I’m anxious to plant, but I think this weather is temporary. And I was just looking for an easy pattern for a charity quilt and this one looks so beautiful. Perfect as always! Thanks

  14. Cute little quilt, Connie. Rusty does seem to approve. Those beds look great! They’re such a nice size and it should be easy to reach into them for harvesting. Who’s going to climb in them to till the soil??? 😉

  15. Love so many of your quilts/patterns .. I look forward to the emails .. we started raised bed gardening (we are getting too old to garden in-ground .. we are using CRYSTALYX tubs, many we got for free .. and 10 & 20 gallon grow bags .. and earth boxes .. some successes, some failures .. but we soldier on .. good luck with your raised beds .. they make a very pretty garden setting

  16. Rita in Iowa says:

    Raised beds look good!

  17. Awesome raised garden beds. That is a very clever way to fill them too.

    Rusty looks good posing on that cute new baby quilt.

  18. What a beautiful quilt! I’ll have to bookmark this one. It would be such a good way to use up my stash. I’ve declared this “The Year of Downsizing”. So far, I’ve started to piece all of those quilt kits I bought and then just let sit. Wish me luck!