Artsy Fartsy Hidden Wells Quilt

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I always have so much fun being an Island Batik ambassador and creating a new quilt project every month!

This new house remodel really has me behind in my quilting but I managed to finish a small quilted project that I’m calling my Artsy Fartsy Hidden 
Wells quilt project for my July ambassador project.

Artsy Fartsy Hidden Wells quilt project in batiks

Artsy Fartsy Hidden Wells Quilt

The other day I shared a quick tutorial on how to make the Hidden Wells quilt block and also showed you a couple of different ways you could put the blocks together.

I used some Island Batik leftover batiks and only had enough strips to make one Hidden Wells block. I really didn’t want to add another orphan block to my stash so I thought it would be fun to use the leftover strips for a border and make a completed quilt project.

Since the month is almost over and I haven’t made my Artsy Fartsy Island Batik project I decided to create it with this block.

Quilt project from one block

I just cut two 8½” squares from the 4 strips when I made the Hidden Wells block and decided to use the leftovers for a border. Here is how.

  • Cut 1½” strips from a neutral batik and add that around the block first with a ¼” seam allowance.
  • Next, I cut the leftover strips into 1 3/4 inch pieces that were 4½” long.
  • Cut eight of them.
  • Sew two of the strips together. Do this four times.
  • Match the center of your block to the middle of the strip.
  • Sew with a ¼” seam allowance and trim.

Note: the strip will be longer than the block. I just added the strip and then trimmed it. Yes, you’ll end up with smaller pieces on each end but this is a Artsy Fartsy quilt project and perfection isn’t needed.

Repeat this for the other three sides.

Artsy Fartsy Hidden Wells Quilt adding a border

Here is the pieced quilt project which looks better on the floor than on my old ironing board. Now it is time to quilt it.

Artsy Fartsy Hidden Wells Quilt adding borders

Aurifil thread

The challenge this month was to use 3 different weights of Aurifil thread in our Island Batik quilt project. I originally wanted to do some kind of applique project but that just didn’t happen.

Here are the Aurifil threads that I used in this quilt project.

  • Aurifil Cotton 50wt cone for my piecing #2324
  • Aurifil Cotton 50wt spool Purple #2545
  • Aurifil Cotton 40wt spool Green #5018
  • Aurifil Cotton 80wt wood spool cream #2309

Aurifil has a product guide brochure you can download from their website which has wonderful information about what needles work best for the different weights of thread. There are also lists of uses for each thread weight also.

Artsy Fartsy Hidden Wells Quilt using Aurifil threads

I had never used the 80wt thread before which is very fine. I used it to do some pebbling in the cream border. It has been a while since I did free motion pebbling but I think it came out pretty good.

I normally sew with the 50wt Aurifil thread, when I switched to the 40 wt thread I had to loosen my upper thread just a little. Interestingly it also worked well for the 80wt. I did some simple organic free-motion quilting with the purple and green. 

Artsy Fartsy Hidden Wells quilt with Aurifil freemotion quilting
Artsy Fartsy Challenge for the Island Batik ambassador

Builder Bob is going to get another project! The lighting is terrible upstairs in my “temporary quilt rooms”. 

We also have a beautiful Maple tree out front with bright lime green leaves which completely blocks the window and keeps out the sun. Unfortunately, it also turns all of my quilt projects……green! At first, I couldn’t figure out what was going on with my camera.

Working on quilt project with green light coming in window

Mistake with the binding

Now this was a first for me!! I’m going to blame it on the lighting and the fact that I just had my eyes checked and need new glasses.

I really like sewing my binding to the front of my quilt project and I could believe that I was sewing the binding on with the folded edge in the seam allowance! Fifty years I’ve been quilting and never did this! Thank goodness I always keep a seam ripper handy!

Artsy Fartsy Hidden Wells Quilt binding put on wrong

Here is my Artsy Fartsy Hidden Wells quilt project all finished.  Have you ever tried different weight of threads when quilting or doing applique? Do you have a favorite weight?

Artsy Fartsy Hidden Wells Quilt using Aurifil threads

An orphan block with a border added is a great way to try out free-motion quilting when you are a beginner. Make a placemat or mug rug and learn how to adjust the tension on your sewing machine.

Artsy Fartsy Hidden Wells quilt with Aurifil freemotion quilting

Back of quilt project

Would you like to see the back of my quilt? I used a basic purple from Island Batik for the binding and backing which was leftover from a past quilt. I hope you have enjoyed this fun little quilt project and don’t forget to check out some of my other tutorials! Thanks, Island Batik and Aurifil for the supplies to make this quilt.

Artsy Fartsy Hidden Wells quilt back
Island Batik Ambassador 2019

Here is a list of the other Island Batik ambassadors. Be sure and visit them and see the projects they are working on!

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  1. I am having trouble downloading the hidden wells block pdf. I have tried several times.

  2. You always make amazing projects with the Island Batiks and this is no exception. I love the color choices!

  3. Kathleen McCormick says:

    That’s a lovely little quilt! I was surprised at how the 80wt worked in my machine. I hear you about the lighting – my cottage in Maine is dark….and its always a problem unless I am outside. Sorry about the binding mishap…I hate that.

  4. What a box of yummy goodness, Connie. There is nothing to compare to batiks in terms of the depths of colours and designs. This is a gorgeous block.

  5. Susan Melgaard says:

    You always amaze me. i love this little quilt. Thank you for sharing it with us.

  6. Actually I have done the same thing with binding but luckily didn’t get very far before I realized it. Those colors are just yummy and the quilting is very fun.

  7. The quilting/fabric/thread combo you chose for the block almost looks colored. Well, of course it colored but it looks like it was colored with crayons. It looks great.

  8. That’s really pretty, Connie. I love your quilting.