American Eagle

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American Eagle Wood Carving

Look who finally made it out onto the deck! That is the wood-carved eagle we bought in Minnesota in June. His perch was almost finished.

American Eagle Wood Carving

Yesterday Builder Bob finished up the perch and it was time to screw bolts into the bottom of our eagle. He is heavy but we wanted to make sure the winds wouldn’t blow him over.

American Eagle Wood Carving

He looks pretty good on his perch and we are calling our American Eagle…Iggy.

American Eagle Wood Carving

As people drove by today they were getting a kick out of seeing him. I’m going to try and get a better photo tomorrow……my other photos didn’t turn out too well.

American Eagle boat on the Mississippi river

We also saw this beautiful boat coming up the Mississippi around supper time. How ironic that is called the American Eagle! Beautiful boat! This is the third time in the last month that it has gone by our house. Last week we heard it was coming and everyone in the neighborhood was watching for it but……it came by around 9:30 in the dark just like the first time.

This was one of the first pictures I took as it was just coming past our tree. People were even stopping so they could take pictures.

American Eagle boat on the Mississippi river

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  1. I love your eagle!! Builder Bob did a fabulous job of creating a perch for him and keeping him secure!!! Looks awesome! Have you seen any evidence of Pelly or his relatives?

  2. Iggy is very Majestic on his new perch. How fitting that Amercan Eagle Boat came cruising by to honor Iggy. Summer Bliss…

  3. Awesome eagle!! And I wonder if the people on the American Eagle boat could see your American Eagle on its perch! Maybe you should put a spotlight on it in case the boat comes by in the dark again.

  4. Reizer missed the boat when it went down river and we were hoping to see it when it came back, but missed it again. Someone told us about an app that tracks where and when the ships are located so we might try that. He mainly wanted to see it up close, like maybe through the lock and dam.

  5. Iggy the Eagle is magnificent! I think it was a fabulous choice of where you placed him. Excellent conversation starter. Thank you for sharing and have a wonderful creative day!

  6. What a perfect perch for such a beautiful piece! He can keep an eye on the river.

    That is a beautiful vessel. How far up river does it go? Does in start in LA?

  7. Iggy is quite impressive and you guys have found the perfect place to share him will all. I have to admit I would be checking on him all the time to make sure he hasn't flown away. We have a Wood Choppers Festival every year about an hour from where I live. It's always so amazing to see what they can carve out of wood using chainsaws.

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