Mini Flower Star Tutorial

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Have you every used the Sizzix cutting machine for quilt projects? It is fun and easy to use.

Amelia Mini Flower Star Tutorial

Amelia Mini Flower Star Tutorial
I had a little of the Amelia fabric left over from my Worldly Twister so I made this little 12 inch square to hang on my new table stand. I think the table stand is very pretty but I don’t think it will work in our house with 2 snoopy cats. The bottom legs aren’t attached and one little bump…..and it falls over.

Amelia Mini Flower Star Tutorial

Simon is pretty much a neat freak – you don’t want to leave anything sitting on a table as he will sneak up and deliberately knock it off. I don’t think the table stand has a chance.

Amelia Mini Flower Star Tutorial
I pulled out my Sizzix Big Shot and a couple dies.

Amelia Mini Flower Star Tutorial
This heart die was one that I had bought recently and I decided to cut it apart and use it in a different way.

Amelia Mini Flower Star Tutorial

I also added some different flowers to the pieced star.

Amelia Mini Flower Star Tutorial

A close-up of the appliquilt stitching I did. I just used a teal thread for all of the applique.

Amelia Mini Flower Star Tutorial

It is getting chilly here and I think all of the frogs are probably hibernating so I brought this little guy in for the winter. He usually sits in my flower bed during the summer and I thought I would take a quick picture of him before he gets packed away.

I hope you enjoyed my Sizzix mini quilted wall hanging.

Amelia Mini Flower Star Tutorial

I am planning on working on a couple QAL blocks today, piece some more batiks and at some point I have to go to the grocery store and the library – what about you?

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  1. Beautiful! Hope you can find a bit of wall to hang this on! I love that your Simon "helps" you clean!

  2. So cute!!! Love that little quilt. And the little neat freak kitty is adorable, made me smile with that story.

  3. Solstitches says:

    Your little quilt is adorable.
    I hope you can find a way to make the stand a bit more stable as it is such a great idea to have different little quilts on display for each season.
    Is the stitching around the applique a straight stitch that you sew in such a way that it zig zags around or is it a zig zag stitch?
    Hope you can understand my question!

  4. Another gorgeous piece. Love it!

  5. Sunni @Love Affair with my Brother says:

    You always make the prettiest things. I can tell your style as soon as I see it!!
    I tried to appliquilt this weekend and I was awful! Definitely need more practice!
    Thanks for linking at This Week!

  6. Really love the colors you used! Such a pretty and cheerful quilt.

  7. Your mini quilt is great. Good luck with the quilt hanger.

  8. Very pretty block Connie! Love the Amelia fabric and your table stand.
    There is a product called Museum Wax that might help to keep Simon from knocking your stand and other objects over.

  9. Denise :) says:

    How fun! You are just the busiest — and most creative — person!! 🙂

  10. Another cute project! I really don't know how you have the time to sleep…

    Vicki @ Quilting Lodge

  11. Step-parent's Cove says:

    Connie my husband wanted me to ask you if you have a quilter? I have been looking at quilting machines, but not sure if I would use it as much. And will it beable to quilt the size quilt I like making. I learned to quilt by hand, and I like making queen and king size quilts. I can't afford one of those large quilting machines, as why I have been looking at smaller ones, but I really don't want to waste monies. So can you give me some suggestions?

  12. Very nice Connie. I work today but plan to sew Sunday on my farmers wife blocks plus a zillion other things. Have fun.

  13. The Nifty Stitcher says:

    Love your little square Connie – it's very pretty and I like the stand too – how about using a tiny bit blue tac under the feet to help it stay where it should be ?

  14. Lovely Connie – and what a good idea to cut that heart apart. I have one of those holders and just love it. I have a very long kitchen window and it sits on one end with a sweet little embroidered/appliqued piece on it. 🙂 blessings, marlene

  15. Cute little mini quilt – lovely colours – pity about the table stand. Love the little frog too – I am sure he is glad to be inside for the winter!