Amber Geese Part 1

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Amber Geese Quilt Part One

Over the weekend I pulled out a grouping of fabrics that are perfect for fall. The colors look just like the leaves here in Iowa. I actually took this photo last year at Shady Creek Recreation Area which is one of my favorite places to go walking.

Amber Geese Quilt Part One

I started out making the center block which looked pretty boring (I think I’ll add some applique to it). I also wanted to make some flying geese and the next thing I know my block is growing!

Amber Geese Quilt Part One

Added another border..

Amber Geese Quilt Part One

And another……I’m not sure if I’ll stop now or continue……

Amber Geese Quilt Part One

I got a new phone, the Galaxy 5S and I am amazed at the quality of the camera! Most of the photos in this post were taken with my phone including the closeup below. All I can say is……WOW! My last smartphone made me feel like a dummy… far this new one is much easier to use…..or am I getting smarter???

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Amber Geese Quilt Part One

The fabrics I used are Amber Ale batiks from Island Batik.  The background fabric is also a batik from Island Batik called Cream – it is one of their basics.

Amber Geese Quilt Part One

I decided to use more than the 3 fabrics shown above so I grabbed my photo of the rest of the fabrics that I used to make my Amber Logs quilt.

Amber Geese Quilt Part One

Time to do my Walk Away the Pounds and then head to town. I’ll head to the library to get new books for my dad and……I just might have to stop at the quilt store…..enjoy your day!

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  1. Very pretty and of course you needed to stop by the quilt store. You can't get that close and not pay them a visit.

  2. I really like your Amber Geese!!

  3. WOW!!!! LOVE these colors and the quilt too. I can't wait to see where you actually stop with this one. It's such a pretty one Connie.

    Geez, I say that on all your posts showing off your gorgeous quilts. I think maybe I should just prepare a comment to use each time since I feel like I always say the same thing. LOL

  4. Beautiful picture and place to go walking. Love your quilts !

  5. This is stunning! Just as pretty as the trees in your photo. The flying geese just add some great movement.

    We've had a really beautiful fall this year and I'm so enjoying the warm sunny days to show off the foliage. Sure beats the rainy, windy, cold falls we sometimes have here.

  6. Deb @ Frugal Little Bungalow says:

    this is exactly the colors of your tree foliage / amazing! So pretty!

  7. Createology says:

    This is sew beautiful and truly honors Falling into Autumn Bliss.

  8. I have the Samsung 4 and the camera is very disappointing. If that is the quality of the 5 I certainly look forward to upgrading

  9. That block looks like you could have made it out of the leaves in your photograph. Very pretty!

  10. I love all the colors! Fall colors are always so pretty. Hey…I just got the same phone as you!! It is amazing all the things it can do and it is suppose to be a phone!! 🙂

  11. So pretty…definitely Fall inspired!

  12. I absolutely love it!! It is perfect for fall!

  13. Crickets Corner says:

    So pretty! I love Fall and the colors represent Autumns colors so perfectly. I like how it just keeps growing. Show us what you end up with.