Adding to the fabric stash and something for Sadie

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Lecien Fabrics Fat Quarter Bundle

I bought a fat quarter bundle of Flower Sugar by Lecien Fabrics from Fat Quarter Shop and can’t wait to make something with them. Right now they are on sale but I’m not sure how long that will last as they were part of the Fat Quarter Pre-Cuts of the week sale.  About half of the fat quarters had the selvage edge on them….that is like a bonus to me!  The bundle has 22 fat quarters in it, I can see a baby quilt made with them.
Lecien Fabrics Fat Quarter BundleThis weekend was busy but I got very little quilting done. Builder Bob was busy with several projects and of course needed an assistant……me! We wanted a way to have Sadie out on the deck and not worry about her getting off of it. There are double steps on the front of the house and we wanted to be able to see her so this is a gate that slides up to remove. Builder Bob bought spindles and cut them in half for a short gate that I can easily step over and Sadie can’t jump gate front doneFor the back side of the house he put a hinged gate that is self closing but easy to open if you are coming up the steps. Builder Bob still has to put a top on the gates but he got side tracked on another project which you can see on the right.Dog gate backHe had bought a new grill as our old one was falling apart and it was time to put it together. I should have taken a better picture…..I can honestly say that there is no way I would want to try and put a grill together…..too many pieces! He did a great grillWouldn’t you know it…….Builder Bob got the grill all put together and it ended up being too windy to grill. Even little Sadie thought it was too windy! I think it is getting time to get a puppy cut for the summer.Sadie with the wind blowingWe ran up to Costco Sunday morning for a few things and ended up coming home with a new rug for the deck. It is supposed to be a indoor/outdoor rug and now that we have a roof over the deck….it will be perfect.Deck with a outdoor rug on itSadie is really enjoying the deck and her little steps.
Deck with sleeping sadie

Sunday Builder Bob became Chef Bob fixing all kinds of goodies! Two different kinds of ribs, chicken wings and potato squares.  We also had coleslaw and a corn dish. Yummy!

Bob grillingAfter dinner it was time to check out my brother’s new Quadcopter drone. He took a neat video of the river and our little town. The lighting wasn’t the best but there will be more videos this summer and I’ll be sure and share one.Jim Quadcopter

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  1. The deck looks just beautiful and will provide hours of great entertainment for you. I’d keep that chef around for a long time too.

  2. Pretty fabrics and your deck is lovely. Little Sadie is so sweet and looks very cozy on the couch. Enjoy your deck!

  3. Lovely new fabrics. You and Builder/Chef Bob are really enhancing your outdoor living space annd making it safe for Sadie too. I am surprised that wind didn’t scoop Sadie up and make her fly. Lovely spaces dear…<3

    1. Thanks Sherry! It will be fun to have Sadie get a haircut because she sure feels a LOT heavier than when we found her last September! I don’t think she can blow away now 🙂

  4. Love that rug. It really makes the idea of “outdoor living” come alive. The food on the grill made me think of my dad who loved grilling all kinds of yummy things. My husband does a great steak and burgers, but just isn’t interested in trying new things. I had to chuckle over the gates on the deck. We put a gate on our new deck too – to keep toddlers and puppies from escaping. But our daughter’s little teddy bear puppy can squeeze between the spindles.

    1. We really love the rug too Sara! Builder Bob made sure that the spindles are close enough together that she can’t escape. Since she is older she really doesn’t even try. Chef Bob is always experimenting with food…..some fantastic……some yuck!

  5. Interesting idea about the gate that lifts up or you can step over. We are currently in the process of rebuilding a gate at the top of our inside stairs to make the living room baby-safe. Our great granddaughter is 9 months old and on the move!! And she is a quick one!

    1. I don’t know how well it would work at the top of the steps but… might. Take a look on Amazon for some great ideas!

  6. That deck looks wonderful and I wish I’d been coming for dinner!! Sadie looks quite happy with the entire situation.

  7. Wow I love that rug!! So nice to have a covered deck, wish ours was! Beautiful addition to your stash too.

    1. Thanks Vicki, after 14 years of hot sun the roof is wonderful!

  8. Hi Connie! Everything looks so great and I love Sadies long hair in the wind! How cute steps she has and the new gates are perfect! Your new fabrics are beautiful and inspire me to look for fabrics, start to miss many colours. x Teje

    1. Thanks Teje, we are so happy with our deck and I can’t wait to play with the new fabrics!

  9. linda schiffere says:

    I love your new deck look! Our deck needs to be rebuilt and I’m considering adding a roof over it to make it more seasonal. Love the rug – and that wind really is ruffling Sadie’s hair! 🙂


    1. Thanks Linda, we put the roof on last summer and we just love it!