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Pumpkin Centerpiece Tutorial

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I had fun sharing my tutorial yesterday as part of the AccuQuilt Fall Blog Hop. So today I thought I would show you another centerpiece I did using the  Fall Medley die.

Pumpkin Centerpiece Tutorial

Pumpkin Centerpiece Tutorial

Be sure to check out my Maple Leaf Centerpiece from yesterday which has a tutorial on how to make the centerpiece and also my template.

Pumpkin Centerpiece Tutorial

Here you can see that I am free-motion appliquing the pumpkins.

Pumpkin Centerpiece Tutorial

I think next time I will cut the stem out of a different color. This time I just filled it in with stitching.

AccuQuilt Pumpkin Centerpiece Tutorial

The centerpiece is ready to either have binding put on it or I finished the edge with a zig-zag and then added the cluny lace.

AccuQuilt Pumpkin Centerpiece Tutorial

I just used muslin for the back on this one – I thought you might like to see the back.

AccuQuilt Pumpkin Centerpiece Tutorial

Finished and ready to be used on our table.

AccuQuilt Pumpkin Centerpiece Tutorial

Download the template for the pumpkins.

I’m sure you will be seeing more centerpieces for Christmas made in this basic style. I hope you enjoyed seeing another one.

Simon is taking a little nap after a long day of playing with Cricket. They are getting along fine but Bella is still ignoring her……and me.

AccuQuilt Pumpkin Centerpiece Tutorial

Cricket looks pretty happy in her new home and on Bella’s favorite blanket.


Pumpkin Centerpiece Tutorial

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  1. Love the sweet kitten picture. I have 2 rescue kitties , now 3 and 4 years old, which I got while working at a local cat rescue. It is a good thing I didn’t work there very long. My small apartment only holds 2 kitties!

  2. I love this!! The lace around the edges is a great finish!
    It's almost sad that we don't celebrate Halloween or have pumpkins here, they have such a great shape and wonderful colours.
    Thanks for stopping by and commenting on my blog!

  3. Oh I love your tablecentres, thank-you for the cute ideas and tutorial, I think I'm going to have to buy this die next. You have some cute projects, I'm going to have to folllow your blog.

  4. Another great table topper. Thank you for taking the time to create such a great tutorial. I think adding a new kitty or puppy into the fold really brings lots of energy to their new home – kinda revitalizes everything!

  5. I love the pumpkin and leaves centerpieces you're doing. Those die cutters are really changing the face of quilting.

    What a cute kitty!

  6. I love how you stitch down your applique. Is it a regular zig zag or are you doing something else? The look is fantastic and really adds a lot to the finished look.

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