I wasn’t expecting this!

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I recently received a couple of unexpected packages in the mail, can you guess who they were from? AccuQuilt!!!

AccuQuilt Goodies in the mail

I felt like it was already Christmas….other than I got to open the boxes right away!

AccuQuilt sent these to me as a thank you gift for the tutorials that I share each month on their blog and also to help me with my projects.

AccuQuilt Mats and Rulers

I received 2 AccuQuilt Cutting Mats and I have to say that these are very heavy-duty! I have several different brands of the large 24″ x 36″ mats and I am impressed with this one already. I also received an 18″ x 24″ mat, a rotary cutter, and two different rulers.

One was a 6″ x 24″ ruler and that is a size I use every day, there was also a 12″ square ruler that is great for squaring up blocks. These are items you won’t find on their website but they will be sold at their retailers. Thank you AccuQuilt!

At first, I wondered why AccuQuilt had designed their own mat, cutter, and rulers since they are a die-cutting company. Well, I went to work on a project and what is the first thing you usually do……cut strips of fabric a little bigger than the size of the die you are going to use. That means you need a mat, a rotary cutter, and some kind of ruler, I’ll be using these in all of my tutorials from now on!

AccuQuilt Rotary Cutter and mat

I am working on a quilt that uses a gazillion 2 ½” half square triangles and I am cutting my strips 3 ½” wide for my die. I usually write all over my dies with a felt tip marker so I know what size to cut my fabrics.

Half Square Triangle made with AccuQuilt die

I’m getting ready to use the 12-inch square ruler, I usually buy all kinds of square rulers that are useful for squaring up blocks…..I’ll share more on this block soon.

AccuQuilt 12inch ruler

Once again I want to thank AccuQuilt for the gifts and also for their wonderful products that speed up my quilting so much! Now I’m going back and work on more of my half-square triangle blocks. I’m working on blocks that have 56 in each one of them!

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  1. How very sweet of Accuquilt to thank you with these great tools. You will definitely be able to use these in your amazing projects.

  2. yay! I love my huge mat and laid both out side by side

  3. Brenda Hulsey says:

    Oh wow! Lucky you! But then again you did deserve this!

  4. Lorene holbrook says:

    I write on my dies too, but didn’t think to write the size of square or strip before hand! Thanks for the cool tip!

  5. Great tip for me! Just got my accuquilt and haven’t thought about writing the size needed on it. I will now

  6. Wow! That sure is an awesome surprise of fantastic goodies!!

  7. That IS Christmas in November! It makes sense for them to make their own cutting mats. Glad to hear how much you like them.

  8. Wow, what a nice surprise!

  9. Wow! I love my Accuquilt Go!, too. I draw on my dies just like you do. It saves having to remember what size to cut the strip for that die.