2024 – I am once again an Island Batik ambassador!

I am so excited to once again take part in all of the monthly events that are part of being an ambassador for Island Batik. The products featured in this post were given to me by Island Batik. Thank you Island Batik!

Here is my 2024 Island Batik ambassador post and video.

Unboxing Island Batik fabrics

I have the entire list of 2024 Island Batik ambassadors listed at the end of this page.

Island Batik Ambassador 2024

After 2019, I stepped down from being an Island Batik Ambassador after being with them since 2014. Within the space of 5 years we moved from our river house where I had lived for 18 years and moved 5 times! I love the house we are now in and once again have a beautiful quilt studio. We have no plans to move again any time soon. I applied to be an ambassador in 2024 and was very fortunate to be picked.

Island Batik started its ambassador program in 2014 and I was very lucky to be picked to be one the very first year. Thank you Island Batik! I get tickled every time I see this photo of me with my first box of batiks

2014 Island Batik ambassador

I had been an Island Batik Ambassador since 2014 and I still get excited every time I look at the posts below and see what came in the boxes I received twice a year.

New quilt projects each month

Every month each of the Island Batik Ambassadors creates at least one new project made with the goodies received in the Ambassador boxes.

When I first started there were 15 Island Batik Ambassadors, in 2019 there were over 50! For 2024, there will be 26 of us.

Each year in November Island Batik puts up a application on their blog for the coming year. It is a wonderful opportunity if you love working with batiks.

Island Batik Ambassador Boxes

  • I have links to all of the boxes of fabric I have received as an ambassador.
  • I share many tutorials made with Island Batik fabrics and also design quilt patterns using their beautiful batiks.

My final Island Batik ambassador box – In July I received my 12th box of Island Batik fabrics and it not only included beautiful batiks from Island Batik, but also thread from Aurifil, batting from Hobbs and AccuQuilt GO! dies! It is going to be a fun year!

Would you like to see what was in previous boxes that I received from Island Batik?

Here are the links to my ambassador boxes

Island Batik ambassador fabrics for fall 2019
Island Batik Ambassador for 2019 receiving a box of batiks and other goodies
Island Batik Ambassador Box of fabric #IslandBatik
Fall 2019Spring 2019Fall 2018
Island Batik Ambassador Box of fabric #IslandBatik
Island Batik Ambassador Box of fabric #IslandBatik
Island Batik Ambassador Box of fabric #IslandBatik
Spring 2018Fall 2017Spring 2017
Island Batik Ambassador Box of fabric #IslandBatik
Island Batik Ambassador Box of fabric #IslandBatik
Island Batik Ambassador Box of fabric #IslandBatik
Fall 2016Spring 2016Fall 2015
Island Batik Ambassador Box of fabric #IslandBatik
Island Batik Ambassador Box of fabric #IslandBatik
Island Batik Ambassador Box of fabric #IslandBatik
Spring 2015Fall 2014Spring 2014

I’m a Island Batik Ambassador!

I first started quilting with Island Batik fabrics in 2011. This is my post when I found out I would be an Island Batik ambassador.

River Squares quilt made with Island Batik fabrics

2024 Island Batik Ambassadors

Here are the Island Batik ambassadors for 2024 and this is the Island Batik blog.

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