6 Block Diamond Stars Quilt

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I made another quilt the same size as my Diamond Stars wall hanging but it is a 6-block Diamonds Stars quilt. I know this is a version of the Ohio Star quilt block, I’m just calling it Diamond Stars as it is the same quilt block I used in the Diamond Stars wall-hanging tutorial.

6 Block Diamond Stars Quilt

I decided to use only three different fabrics in this quilt. Actually, I used four colors because I didn’t have enough of the border fabric for the binding. Instead, I cut (4) 2½-inch strips x WOF from a solid black batik.

6 block Diamond Stars quilt
6 Block Diamond Stars Quilt

We had unexpected snow flurries right after I finished the quilt. I put a couple of clips on the back of it so it wouldn’t blow away and then snapped a couple of photos. I am so ready for winter to be over!

Snow flurries on the 6 block Diamonds Stars quilt
Snow flurries on the 6-block Diamonds Stars quilt

Size is approximately 30″ x 40″

The quilt size is approximately 30″ x 40″. I think it would work nicely as a lap quilt for a wheelchair. If I would have had more of the border fabric, I think being a bit wider would be better. It also makes a beautiful wall hanging or table topper.

6 block Diamond Stars quilt
6 Block Diamond Stars Quilt

Deciding on the fabrics

This was made with batiks that I had in my stash, I actually think the black floral batik is a fabric that I received in my very first Island Batik ambassador bundle back in 2014. I like to make samples this way sometimes instead of making numerous sample blocks.

Using different fabrics in the Diamond Stars quilt block
Using different fabrics in the Diamond Stars quilt block

Fabrics used in blocks

I thought this was a nice combination of fabrics for my quilt blocks.

Sections of the Diamond Stars quilt block
Diamond Stars Quilt block

The quilt blocks are made exactly like the blocks in the Diamond Stars quilt tutorial. I don’t have yardage at this time but I plan on updating this and adding it.

The first border is cream and I cut the strips 1½-inches, the second border is 4 inches because that was all of the floral batik I had left. You always want to measure your quilt top before cutting the borders. I cut the following for both borders.

Cream border

  • Cut (2) 1½” x 30½” for the sides – sew these on first
  • Cut (2) 1½” x 22½” for the top and bottom

Large print border

  • Cut (2) 4″ x 32½” for the sides – sew these on first
  • Cut (2) 4″ x 30½” for the top and bottom


  • Cut (4) 2½” x width of fabric strips

Binding the quilt

I am still doing my sewing and quilting on my vintage Singer 15-91. Adding the binding is easy after I press it down with my clapper tool and then use binding clips to hold it in place.

Clips used to hold binding in place for stitching
Clips used to hold binding in place for stitching

Closeup of the quilt

The quilting is just a simple medium-sized meandering with cream thread.

Closeup of the quilt
Closeup of the quilt

Here is a cute photo of Rusty sitting on the quilt. Anytime I put something on the bed, he jumps up on it.

Rusty sitting on the Diamond Stars quilt
Rusty sitting on the quilt

The quilt is hanging on my Quilt Keeper. It really works better with larger quilts but I thought it would be fun to share it.

Using the Quilt Keeper to hang the quilt
Quilt hanging on the Quilt Keeper

6 Block Diamond Stars Quilt

6 Block Diamond Stars Quilt
6 Block Diamond Stars quilt on the coat rack
6 Block Diamond Stars quilt on the coat rack

Extra large quilt blocks

After finishing the 6-block Diamond Stars quilt, I decided I wanted to make the quilt block in a much larger size. These blocks are 18- inches which would be a great size for a larger quilt that would be fast to make.

Large size of the quilt blocks
Rusty on the extra large quilt blocks

Before you go….

Making a 6 block Diamond Stars quilt can be fun. Another neat quilt project would be to make the Diamond Stars wall hanging, read the blog post, and learn how to make them.

Diamond Stars Quilt

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  1. Rusty is too funny (the look he is giving, laying on the diamond stars quilt). Give him lovs and hugs.
    Nice quilt by the way.

  2. Dorothy Rainbow says:

    Hi Connie! What a lovely 🥰 quilt.The colours in the Batiks are gorgeous even Rusty think so. It looks so perfect 👍 on your wall. Cheers

  3. Dawn Nelson says:

    Another lovely quilt and great tutorial!
    I have to laugh at Rusty. He doesn’t seem too sure about posing or maybe it’s the camera.😂 He keeps giving you the side eye like he’s wondering what’s happening. He does that in all the photos I’ve seen. He sure is a cutie and he is blessed to have found such great folks to love him and I’m pretty sure you are feeling the same about him coming into your lives.
    Hope you’re having a great weekend.

  4. WOW, beautiful quilt. Thank you, Connie.

  5. This looks like the next quilt on the table! Such rich colors! After the Spinning Block. The best part of your quilts is the ease of the pattern and they look like they took hours to cut. Your directions – so straight forward. Thanks and hugs to Rusty! He looks right at home today with his Red Hair! Thanks

  6. Such a beautiful quilt! I like all your batik fabrics, so pretty. Another one that I plan to add to my “want to make” list. Thank you!

  7. Rusty is getting the hang of it. Praise you for loving him. He is loving his new home.

  8. Priscilla Witwer says:

    Hi Connie!

    This is a beautiful pattern! I absolutely love it. And you are right, Rusty is such a character! The picture that you took of him when the quilt was on your bed is so cute. He has this questioning look about him, “You’re not giving this quilt away, are you Mom?” You can tell he really likes it. One of his favorites! Happy St. Patrick’s Day to you and your family!


    1. I love the combination of colors in your quilt. Rusty enjoys your quilt, too. He really looks very comfortable in his forever home.

  9. Robyn Lidstone says:

    Another wonderful quilt. Love the colours and so nice to see Rusty being in the picture.

  10. Beautiful! Love the color combination. This one in’s my favorite!

  11. I really like this one! I keep saying I need to make Baxter his own quilt since he loves the hubby’s quilt so much. Maybe this is the one!