2nd Modern Batik Challenge Baby Quilt

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It is time to show you my 2nd Modern Batik Challenge baby quilt.

I will be interested to know which of the quilts you like the best!

Modern Batik baby quilt #2

26″ x 34″ Baby Quilt

This is the same fun bundle of the Paisley Dot Brights collection that I used for the 1st Modern Batik Challenge baby quilt that I made after watching the video called Embers Quilt by Rob from Man Sewing.

Island Batik Ambassador modern batik challenge
Batik Baby Quilts made with Island Batik Fabrics

Here is a photo showing both quilts, the newest one reminds me of a bargello quilt. The first baby quilt measured 26″ x 32″.

For our Island Batik Ambassador challenge this month we were to create a crib quilt, both of mine are a little small but will work.

I always have the links to all of the other Island Batik Ambassadors so you can check out the fun batik projects they are always working on.

The colors are so vibrant in this batik collection and I really had fun working with them. It is amazing what you can create with 2½” strips of different fabrics.

When I made the first Modern Batik Challenge Baby Quilt, I showed the steps I followed from Rob’s video tutorial using a 2½” strip set and I think the bright red batik combined with the pink batik really makes the whole quilt rows pop.

Modern Batik Challenge Baby Quilts different looks

In Modern Batik baby quilt #1, I added additional pink batik which really gives it a feminine look.

Add the cream sashing

These are the rows that I made and added the cream batik borders to.

Batik Baby Challenge steps

I only used 2 of them for the first quilt so I still had 2 left for a different look.

Cream Batik added to quilt strips

I decided to add a 2½” red batik strip between the 2 leftover rows.

Flannel on back baby quilt
  • I had some leftover flannel that I thought would look perfect on the back of this quilt.
  • I used an 80/20 poly/cotton batting and did a fairly large meandering free motion on the top of the quilt.
  • I used a 8/12 needle in my vintage 15-91 Singer sewing machine.

It is so much fun to be able to take pictures outside. We have finally been getting some rain, in fact, the storm last night also had a lot of wind and soaked our outside rug. The rain actually hit the windows even with the roof over the deck!

Rain on the deck from the storm

There is more rain on the way, look at those dark clouds! When the rain stops I’ll have to take pictures of the 4th of July banners I have out on the deck.

storm clouds

Isn’t it neat to see how different both quilts are?

Now that you’ve seen both quilts, which one do you like the best? I hope you have enjoyed my 2nd Modern Batik Challenge Baby Quilt.

batik baby quilts deck
2nd Modern Baby Quilt slide

Be sure and take a look at Modern Batik Baby Quilt #1.

Batik baby quilt on rail

Be sure to watch the video called Embers Quilt by Rob from Man Sewing.

Modern Batik Challenge Baby Quilt class=

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  1. Rebecca Troyer says:

    Hi Connie. I really like both of them, but my eyes were instantly drawn to the second one. I think it was the stripes down the middle.

  2. Both are great. And I just read the size. A long time ago I always made small baby quilts, now they are bigger but I love small and fast!

  3. Gayle Shumaker says:

    Third times the charm. Though I like the first two the third one just appeals to me.

  4. I like the second one better, maybe the organization suits my mind better. I will have to check out the technique, it looks like a good one. You really are an ever-ready bunny – so many quilts. Congrats on another terrific finish.

  5. Gosh, surprising how great true pink and true red go together. Both quilts are great…a bright addition to any baby room.

  6. Guess I’m by myself! I like them both, but I like the first one better, probably because its busy-ness is toned down by the pink sashing. I agree with Mary, though, new mom of twins would love ’em both!

  7. Brenda Ackerman says:

    Hello Connie; I will go with today’s quilt as being my choice. I like the way that all of those wonderful bright fabrics are spread out evenly and divided by the strip sections. It is easier on the eyes, yet makes one really notice all of the fabrics more at the same time. Thank you for sharing these fabulous quilts with us! They are both great quilts! Have a fantastic day!

  8. Wouldn’t those be a fun gift for someone having twins? I like the new one best – perhaps because I am not a real fan of pink??? The brights are so great in these.

    The deck looks so inviting with the swags. Looking forward to some front view pictures of them.

  9. Good morning, Connie! While I love the embers quilt, I think I like the second one better, Something about that center reminds me of a racing stripe on a fast car! LOL (I love my muscle cars! 🙂 vroom, vroom!!)