2021 Quilt Calendar

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I finished up the 2021 Quilt calendar! It is identical to my 2020 as far as the way it looks. I’ve have many of you asking if I was making it so here it is.

2021 Quilt Calendar

I hope everyone enjoyed the holidays, we were fortunate enough to be able to be with my daughter and two granddaughters as we all have just gotten over covid. Here I am with them.

Me and my granddaughters

The girls decided they wanted to spend the night so we had our first guests in our new house.

Granddaughters in their bedroom

Now let’s take a look at the calendars!

2021 Quilt Calendar

You can download individual months or scroll to the bottom and download a file that has all of them. Being able to download just one month might be handy if you want another copy.

January 2021 Quilt Calendar

Download the January 2021 calendar

January 2021 quilt calendar

February 2021 Quilt Calendar

Download the February 2021 calendar

February 2021 Quilt Calendar

March 2021 Quilt Calendar

Download the March 2021 calendar

March 2021 Quilt Calendar

April 2021 Quilt Calendar

Download the April 2021 calendar

April 2021 Quilt Calendar

May 2021 Quilt Calendar

Download the May 2021 calendar

May 2021 Quilt Calendar

June 2021 Quilt Calendar

Download the June 2021 calendar

June 2021 Quilt Calendar

July 2021 Quilt Calendar

Download the July 2021 calendar

July quilt calendar 2021

August 2021 Quilt Calendar

Download the August 2021 calendar

August 2021 Quilt Calendar

September 2021 Quilt Calendar

Download the September 2021 calendar

September quilt calendar 2021

October 2021 Quilt Calendar

Download the October 2021 calendar

October 2021 Quilt Calendar

November 2021 Quilt Calendar

Download the November 2021 calendar

November 2021 Quilt Calendar

December 2021 Quilt Calendar

Download the December 2021 calendar

December 2021 Quilt Calendar

2021 Quilt Calendar

Download the complete calendar

Download all twelve months of the 2021 Quilt Calendar

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  1. Lori Smanski says:

    How fun with your grand daughters. Thank you for the calendars. These will be greatly used. I love organization and have drawn my own calendars. But I love these. Thank you for helping me be organized..

  2. Connie, thank you so much for the calendar pages. The have been very beneficial in helping to keep me on track and completing several UFOs that I have neglected for far to long. On the back I keep a list of things I might need when I go fabric shopping the next time. With COVID I don’t go to the store much and I’m trying to use up some of my stash. Thanks again.

  3. thank you I’m always looking for something for my sewing room

  4. Connie you and your Granddaughters are beautiful. Loving your new home and happiness. Blessings for 2021…

  5. Thanks for sharing the calendar pages, Connie. I’m still one who likes to write my engagements down.

    The granddaughters made the best first guests! I’m sure you all had a great sleepover. They grow up much too quickly.

    I love the little red truck! You are going to have such fun decorating with that.

  6. Monica Kostak says:

    Thank you for creating these. I was SEW-un-sociable this year in 2020 and am planning on getting my self back into quilting, UFO’s, and other sewing and craft projects. Happy New Year!!

  7. Fran Connelly says:

    Thank you for the calendar. I love using it. Your Granddaughters are beautiful. Enjoy them now because they grow up so fast. Love your truck. It is a great gift that can be used for all the holidays and seasons. Gives me a good idea to get one even though I am not sure it goes with the theme of my community. We are a beach community here in SoCal. Take care and hoping and praying for a healthy and wonderful New Year.

  8. Your calendars are so cute – and useful. Thanks for sharing!

    How wonderful that you were able to be together for Christmas! And that you all are recovered from Covid. We chose not to get together but it was depressing. We did a Zoom on Christmas morning but it sure wasn’t the same. We’ll hopefully deliver gifts to each house next weekend and get to see everyone for a little bit while masked and socially distant.

  9. Jan Davis says:

    Thank you so much for the beautiful calendar. And too, I so appreciate your updates on your home, family activities and projects.

  10. How nice that you are settled in enough to have your first overnight guests. Wonderful photo of the three of you.

  11. Connie, your grands are beautiful! I was looking at the quilt calendar and my birthday is July 26, I noticed July has two July 25s but no 26? Does that mean I don’t have a birthday in 2021?
    Thought you would want to know.

    1. LOL, oh my gosh Regina, I’ll go get that fixed right now so you can have a birthday!

      1. Thank you Connie for the wonderful quilt calendar. Your granddaughters are beautiful and what a sweet pic of them on their beds, with quilts made by Grandma, of course!!!! Happy New Year

  12. Thank you Connie for the calendars. Your girls are beautiful. I love your adventures of a new house, its lovely. Merry Christmas and a Safe New Year

  13. Dianne Mann says:

    What a proud Grandma! Your girls are beautiful and so nice they could all spend time with you for the holiday. Thank you for the calendars, I love them!!

    1. I love using this calendar to record my “finishdd” …. at the end of each month and year, I can remind myself that I did actually accomplish something! Thank you for a very useful download.

  14. Betsy Buckman says:

    What beautiful grand daughters you have. You must be so proud of them. Thank you for the monthly calendars. What a great way to keep track of projects! 🙂

  15. Anne marie Bonhomme says:

    Thank you Connie.Now I can plan my work

  16. Great picture of you and your granddaughters and I love your fireplace!! That painting that looks like Mr. Mickey is so cute! Glad you felt like having family visit. Mine wore me out, but it was so great to have them here!

  17. Thanks Connie for the lovely sewing calendars – I hope to use every one of them. I love your new house and hope that you have many years of family memories and plenty of quilt-making.

  18. Thanks for the calendar Connie! I made good use of your 2020 calendar to keep track of quilty things. I’m happy you made time for this during a busy move.

  19. Lovely picture of you all! What a sweet picture! and the truck, yes we will find lots of things to put in those trucks. Love the calendar as well! So cute! You are such an optimist! Can I finish 10 projects in a month? Mostly I make quilts for kids and dogs so I’ll use your calendar as a goal setter as well. I also use the calendars as a diary of sorts and write down things after they happen – I have calendars back 20 years. Thanks!

    1. Thanks Joan! I love using calendars as a diary also. You don’t have to finish 10 projects, how about just starting 10 new ones LOL.