2017 Income Report

2017 Blog Income Report

2017 Income Report

2017 Blogging Income Report for ConnieKresin.com #IncomeReport #BloggingNote: This post contains affiliate links, which means if you buy the product I may receive some monetary compensation.

2017 Blog Income Report – I have thought and thought about posting income reports on my blog, is this something you would be interested in?  I belong to many groups and take classes trying to get better at SEO and all of the things that make my blog rank higher and get more visitors.

There are many people making money online with their blogs as content creators, becoming a VA, taking care of websites, proofreading….all kinds of legitimate things.  You’ll see many food bloggers share income reports and of course many marketing bloggers share their 6 figure reports hoping to sell you their e-books on how to make money, many of them do have valuable content to share, I enjoy reading some of them but I know that isn’t the way I will make money with my blog.

I am hoping other quilters and crafters will join me and share their income reports.

In 2017 the income for Freemotion by the River was $17,336.67 which was higher than I thought it would be since I wasn’t blogging as much. I am surprised at the way my income is almost equally divided between my pattern sales, affiliate income and ads on my site.


2017 Income Report for FreemotionbytheRiver

Income – $17,336.67

I record income as it is received as opposed to when it is earned. SheKnows which is the ad network I am using always pays 2 months behind so in January I was paid for my November earnings. I have been with them for several years.

  • One of the main reasons that I moved my blog to a self-hosted wordpress site was because I knew I wanted to make a income from my blog, have my own domain name and not have to worry that someday my blog could be shut down as I didn’t own it.
  • I also wanted my site to load faster, I always have quite a few graphics in each post and even though each photo is resized and optimized….it still adds up to a lot that can slow down a post.

In 2016 I paid to have my blog moved to wordpress, it didn’t go as smoothly as I thought it would but that is because I didn’t realize what would be done. I thought I was paying a lot of money but actually having a blog as big as mine moved can be very expensive. I am still slowly going through my old posts and either deleting them (the correct way) or updating them. This is one way that virtual assistants (VA) earn a income.

I am so glad I had the passive income as I did very little with my blog when my dad became ill in May and then passed away the end of September. Then I had a spell where I wasn’t even sure if I wanted to continue blogging but I had so many of you email me understanding what I had gone through and encouraging me to continue. I found out that many of us have taken care of parents and family members just like I did. Thanks to all of you for being there for me.

I have ads on my site, I know many people don’t care for them but knowing I will get a income from that pushes me to offer you more free tutorials and printables.  Honestly, if I didn’t have ads and affiliate links in my posts…..I would probably just concentrate on writing patterns and selling them.

For 2017 one of my goals was to create at least 6 new patterns…..that didn’t happen but I have done well at sharing new tutorials and also updating a few old ones. It is so easy to forget that many of you weren’t visiting me 4 years ago or even longer and I have lots of old content that I will be updating.

I originally started blogging about digital scrappbooking as I love working with Photoshop and graphics. There were a few changes in my life….meeting Builder Bob…so I stopped blogging for awhile. Around that time I got back into quilting and thought it would be fun to share my quilts on my blog.


2017 Expense Report for FreemotionbytheRiver

My expenses weren’t bad this year, I know part of this is because I had 5 months where I was caring for my dad and didn’t do much.

Expenses – $6,379.89

  • Office – $2,356.93 – 37% part of this expense was a new computer.
  • Supplies – $2,143.55 – 34%
  • Blog Cost – $1092.48 – 17%
  • Education – $403.55 – 6%
  • Fees – $347.50 – 5%
  • Advertising $35.88 -1%
PROFIT = $10,956.78
*Please keep in mind that not all of this money is mine. I am the sole proprietor of my business and will pay taxes on this.

My traffic is slowly growing, I am up to about 67,000 page views a month, my goal is 100,000.

Wondering what I did in 2016?

Income – $6,751.08

  • Patterns – $3,745.60
  • SheKnows – $1,219.53
  • Shareasale.com – $1,160.95
  • Sponsored – $625.00

Expenses – $5,543.23

  • Office – $2,652.80
  • Supplies – $1,244.77
  • Blog Cost – $1,554.61
  • Education – $203.58
  • Fees – $253.24

Profit = $842.08

Wondering what I did in 2015?

Income – $6,021.25
Expenses – $4,008.76

Profit = $2,012.49

Wondering what I did in 2014?

Income – $4,212.80
Expenses – $3,331.75

Profit = $881.05

I am very interested in knowing whether anyone likes this kind of post, if you do please let me know by leaving a comment.

If someone is just starting out Blue Host or SiteGround is a great place to start. I have another blog on SiteGround that isn’t live yet. I use Servously  for this blog which is a premium hosting site and costs me $30 a month.

I hope you enjoyed my 2017 Blog Income Report

2017 Blogging Income Report for ConnieKresin.com #IncomeReport #Blogging
2017 Blogging Income Report for ConnieKresin.com #IncomeReport #Blogging

2017 Blogging Income Report for ConnieKresin.com #IncomeReport #Blogging

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  1. Just starting my own quilt shop and researching blogging when I came across yours. Thanks for posting! I will definitely start following you and going to your advertisers to help boost you up! I hope one day I get a following even close to yours and I hope you reach your goal, I will boost you up by 1 today!!

  2. Thank you Connie for sharing this information. It is hard for me to know if anyone out there who is blogging is really interested in the audience. This tells me that you are!

    Keep up the good work!

  3. Hi Connie, thanks for sharing this. I’ve been a business planner but never an entrepreneur and have always wondered how lucrative it could be. It doesn’t look like you teach make presentations for guilds, etc. I’m assuming that you’re working full time on this (except for the time you spent with your dad). All the best for your plans!

  4. Fascinating. I don’t blog and probably won’t start but I am fascinated by people that do and wonder why….your income posting helped me understand. Thank you.

  5. oh wow connie! this is great, I need to get more of what you’re doing…. well the shareasale has helped a lot and recently affiliate with accuquilt thru that is huge… we’ll see…. doesn’t shareasale send a 1099?

  6. Connie Dear I am very interested to read your post on Blog Income opportunities. I have always been curious and your excellent explanation and sharing is very helpful. If I were younger I just might consider doing an income earning blog. I enjoy every post you share. And…I truly enjoy your creative quilting and tutorials. Good Job on your growth and income earnings! XO

  7. What an eye opener for me to read all that is involved with getting and keeping a vital blog going. This was like a little education for me and I, like other commentators, appreciate your taking the time to write and post such interesting information. I am one of your new readers and I would love for you to make it to 100000 page views a month. Your blog is worth it!

  8. Connie, thanks for sharing! Your blog has always inspired my creativity! I finally understand the affiliation links that you mention so I will remember to come here first before I make future purchases.

    I blog for fun as a diary for my quilting adventures — I do have an online business (not quilting related) so I do appreciate the work you do to make it successful for you and your customers.

    Again keep up the great work and I will continue to be a faithful follower 🙂

  9. Thank you for sharing. I do appreciate all the hard work and inspiration you put into your blog posts. I am in awe of your quilt designs and works of art as well. I hope you are willing and able to continue for a long time to come.

  10. You have come a long way, Connie! It truly is inspiring to see your income numbers and how steadily they have grown – especially this past year. Thank you for sharing your information. I know it’s not easy to open up like that and you’re really doing it as a service to other bloggers.

    Would you mind sending me the link to SheKnows? I would be interested in working with them. Your blog has never seemed ad-heavy like some others do. I can’t stand all of the pop-ups that make it difficult to read a blog post! Thanks again.

  11. Thank you for sharing about this topic. I found it very informative. I enjoy your posts and am glad to see that you do realize a profit for your hard work.

  12. Hi Connie! Thanks fo sharing this. I recently post my income report which I have just started to track since I have just recently learned that it is sustainable at some point. i find your report so inspiring- i am always curious to know how much do quilt bloggers earn. Not in a nosey way, but in an inspiring way and learning from each other. I am looking forward to grow in 2018. Please do update, I’d love to know more. Good luck for 2018, may your goal be surpassed and success be in your way.
    I am not making much yet, but hopeful to make it more consistent. Thanks for sharing yours. Really means a lot.

  13. Good for you, seeing your growth makes me appreciate those who do this for income. I know how much work and dedication is required to maintain such a great site as this. Keep it up, you are really good at it and I sure hope you reach your 100,000 mark!

  14. Wow Connie, so much food for thought here…. and judging by the comments, well received. Here in Australia it has, historically at least, been considered very rude to ask about income….. which makes such posts culturally uncomfortable to read but at the same time, a treasure trove of information not available anywhere else. I personally have found this post informative and encouraging – as a new blogger there often seems no genuine path to sustainability, but your growth is something to aspire to. I do have one question: do you have traffic growth data to correlate with your growth in income data?
    Thanks for being so generous – not just in this post but with all your tutorials and posts. I heartily wish you every continued success in your blog. xx

  15. Yes! I found your income report very interesting as it will encourage and teach other bloggers who are trying to make an income from their own blogs. How courageous of you to share and encourage others! I’m so glad you chose to continue your blog. You know, in the military, my husband had the honor of assisting military families navigate the complicated waters after their loved one passes away. He advised them that, when possible, to put off making big decisions for roughly six months. You have inspired me so much with your strength and courage. Thank you!

  16. Connie,
    I sew enjoy your blog. I am a business woman with her own business (not in quilting) and for what you do you hardly get paid… I have tried to support you but I will try harder! I buy stuff from Connecting Threads all the time and so from now on I will go through your blog so you get credit for it. Who I have shared a project or two on your links, you have always been so kind to comment on it…. all that takes a lot of time and passion.
    Hugs- just wanted to share some more encouragement.
    Love and Hugs

  17. Wow, good for you girlfriend!! I had no idea one could make so much money from doing what they love! And I know it was a tough year for you; just think how well you could have done had everything gone a bit more smoothly! But, all in all, I’m glad you were able to spend those last months with Dad; I’m sure it was a big comfort to him as well as you.

    I’ve tried to make money off my Etsy shop, but I’m happy if I can just break even anymore. I found it took so much attention to make it really profitable, that sewing wasn’t so enjoyable anymore. Now, it hums along by itself, and I just use it to (slightly) offset the cost of my quilting for charity.

    I’m happy for you and BB – y’all seem to enjoy each other immensely!

  18. It is nice to know this about blogging for a living. I had no idea of your income or expenses and how they played out. I’m not even contemplating blogging for income, but it is nice to know that your ads do give you some income. I actually don’t mind the ads on your page…I hate the ones that take up space at the top or bottom (or both) so my reading space is 2″! Good for you for turning a profit, but have you kept track of the hours you spend creating projects/patterns to showcase, writing up the blog and taking the pictures? You aren’t even earning minimum wage, my dear!!! However, please don’t let that stop you from continuing to share all the quilting love (and your life) with us!!!

  19. Great post, Connie! It’s fun to look back and see how much we, personally, and our blogs have grown. It’s also interesting to see what is working and what’s not, giving other bloggers an idea of what direction they might want to pursue in their blogging journey. Bring on 2018!

  20. Connie:

    I very much appreciate all you are doing with the amazing amount of quilting you do, and the blog. I also have had to put my quilting on hold, somewhat, as for the last six months, I have been caring for my husband, who was diagnosed in October with stage 3 lung cancer. Your comments about caring for your dad, and “doing things you never imagined you could do” give me much comfort and hope. God Bless! Hugs! BEV

  21. Thanks for doing this post. As a person that loves data I enjoy seeing this type of information. Blogging is a lot of work when done consistently. I agree with Sylvia, you are underpaid for the work you do.

  22. Thank you, Connie, for publishing your financial report. I don’t have a blog and I have always wondered how people make money and what expenses are involved in maintaining a blog. I learned a lot and appreciate you sharing it with us.
    I discovered your blog this past year and I want to tell you it’s my most favorite quilting blog ever. I’ve purchased your patterns and love the many free tutorials you post. Your instructions are extremely clear and my only problem is that I want to make so many of your projects but life gets in the way.
    Thank you for being such an inspiration.

  23. Connie: I enjoy your blog and have purchased your patterns. I Know you put a lot of time in your projects.
    I don’t believe what you earn is any of my business. I don’t mean to be rude, I just think too many people in this world have become to nosey.

  24. Thanks for sharing the info. I had no idea how any of that worked. I have toyed with the though of monetizing the blog. But I am not sure I really want to put all that work into it. I think I would love doing it though. I owned a company Where I worked as a headhunter online. I was handicapped by the fact I am not a computer genius. So that has always held me back.

  25. Thanks for giving us a peek into the world of the blogger by posting your income and expenses for the year. As a fellow quilter, I know how much time is spent thinking about, laying out, changing layouts, sewing, ripping, more sewing, squaring off, thinking of batting and backing, binding and finally quilting. Then there’s time spent writing up your daily blog, photography, and on and on and on. After all this, I think you are extremely underpaid, but then we balance it out with all the love and satisfaction we derive from sewing and quilting for our loved ones, and it’s ok. Hugs

  26. Thank you for sharing this information with us. Writing is a lot of work and only a part of what you do to keep your blog up. I have been following a long time.

  27. Thank you for sharing this information, Connie. I find it very interesting. I had no idea about some of these things, especially the affiliate program and the advertising. I’m most definitely interested in learning more as I am just starting to blog. Thanks for your insights and experience.

  28. Thank you for this Connie! I had no idea of all that was involved in the blogging life. This is quite eye-opening for me. I also have noticed a very big improvement from year to year. You go girl!!!

  29. I really enjoyed seeing your income report. Could you please tell me what is the pattern on your wall that is all in oranges and tree branch/blue flowers. Love it!

  30. As a reporter in a prior career, I know how much time is involved in writing. TONS! Coupled with taking photos, editing photos, scheduling posts, fanning out with other social media – yikes! It’s a full time job. And to top that off, you are still creating and stitching and quilting. Ads and affiliate income are necessary to cover expenses and reap a little bit of income. Your readers are appreciative, I’m sure, and it’s great to see you lay out your spreadsheet data this way. It’s a labor of love!

  31. Great summary of your business. Your growth rate is phenominal. So, whatever you are doing is working. I don’t know all the ins and outs of advertising on a blog or having an affiliate but it’s made a real difference in your income. I always wondered why some people use blogspot and others use WordPress and you gave some good insight there. If you enjoy blogging and feel it is expanding your business, hats off to you!

  32. Connie, first I have to say your display wall is just so beautiful. I’ve looked at your studio photos before and am always impressed but I tend to forget inbetween just how pretty it all is.

    I find your income report very interesting, although in a detached way as I’ve no interest in doing what you are doing. However, I’m encouraged by it as I love your site and always look forward to reading it so hope you will keep on with it for a long time.

    I’m not quite sure when I started following you but it’s been quite a few years now. I made a quilt that you featured on your blog and if I can ever find the photo of mine, I’ll be able to figure out the date. lol

    Anyway, I know you had a really tough year in 2017 and I hope 2018 is much better. I look forward to a year of following you.

  33. Yes, I found this very interesting. I blog mostly for fun but do have some income from affiliate sales and pattern sales to support the costs of running a blog, doing giveaways and charity work. Thank you for sharing your numbers!! It is so much easier to offer free patterns and quilt alongs when the other costs are paid for.

  34. Thanks for sharing, Connie. I have been following a long time, and have enjoyed watching you grow as well as your blog. I remember how long and the effort it took to move your blog. You are so willing to share your ideas and methods and I for one and glad of your success.

  35. Hi Connie!
    I really enjoyed reading your income and expense report. I used to run our small business, so it’s very interesting to me. I only wish I had the verve to ‘jump in’! Thank You!
    – Jean?

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