20 + Free Fabric Basket Tutorials

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I thought it would be fun to share some of the many fabric basket tutorials that I have found.

Over 20 free quilt basket tutorials

I really enjoy Pinterest and many times when you click on a link it doesn’t take you to the right place. All of the tutorials below go directly to each fabric basket tutorial and they are all free! I hope you enjoy them, I know I can’t wait to make some of them too!

Update: As of January 2020 I updated this post and all of the links work. Have fun!

Fabric Trays

These little fabric trays are a great way to use up scraps of your quilting fabrics. The tutorial shows you how to make fabric trays from 6″, 7″ and 8″ fabric squares.

Sewing instructions for a quick basket

Are you looking for a fabric basket that will hold your fat quarters? Check out this tutorial on Bernina’s website. There are all kinds of beautiful baskets that can be made from this tutorial!

Hexagon fabric tray

How about making a little hexagon fabric tray to hold your paper piecing hexies or maybe some jewelry in your bedroom.

Charm square fabric tray

Everyone has some charm squares lying around. Make one or two of these precious little fabric baskets!

Stash it

Looking for a basket that is a little bigger? Sew some strips of quilt fabric together and then create this neat basket!

Simple and sweet 30-minute basket

Here is a quick and simple 30-minute sewing project that would be perfect to use for your embroidery or when you are crocheting or knitting.

Berry Basket

This is a fabric version of your classic strawberry basket made by Noodle Head. You’ll find great directions for making this basket.

Fabric basket and eggs

Looking for a fabric basket that will hold eggs at Easter? Amy Smart from Diary of a Quilt has a neat tutorial. This basket is perfect!

Petit Four Baskets

This cute pattern is a free pattern from byAnnie.com for a Petit Four Basket that I made.

Small fabric basket

This is a small fabric basket tutorial from Leslie’s Art & Sew Fabric that would be simple to make.

Strippy Basket

This is a great way to use up strips of quilt fabric. This basket is fast and easy to make.

Functional fabric organizer

If you are looking for something to organize things, then you’ll want to take a look at this fabric organizer basket tutorial!

Nested fabric buckets

You’ll find several different sizes of fabric baskets that can nest inside of each other.

Fabric storage box

Just by adding something extra like the leather string around the basket gives it a completely different look!

Sturdy fabric basket

The baskets are made sturdy with a layer of Peltex, the leather handles are neat too!

Fabric origami box tutorial

This another neat way to make a basket using origami.

Fabric baskets

I had to include my fabric basket tutorial, these are so easy to make!

Woven fabric basket

Make a beautiful woven basket using 2½-inch strips of fabric. This reminds me of the chains we used to make from gum wrappers.

Nesting baskets

Here is another great tutorial for fabric baskets that will nest inside of each other.

Fabric basket with lace

Adding lace to a basket gives it a completely different look. You will want to try it.

Fabric basket and coasters

This fabric basket is a great way to use up scraps of quilt fabrics. Batiks work perfectly!

Fabric organizer

Looking for a little basket to hold silverware at a picnic? Take a look at this tutorial!

Fabric Bins

Here is another tutorial that has several sizes of fabric bins.

Fabric tote

You’ll find wonderful photos to walk you through each step of this tote and it can be translated!

Tiny fabric basket

This little basket is made with 2½-inch squares of quilt fabrics.

Fabric basket tutorial with conversion

This is a sweet little basket that has been converted from cm to inches for you.

Tiny treasures basket and tray tutorial

You can download a free pattern for this basket!

I hope you have enjoyed this list and hopefully have found one or two baskets that you can’t wait to make! Have fun!

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Over 20 free fabric basket tutorials

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  1. Hi, Connie.. sorry about the issues you’re having with downloads. I downloaded the fabric basket pattern from the newsletter link and had no problems whatsoever. Hopefully, the issues are resolved. Have a great day designing the new pattern… PattiK

  2. So many really cute ones here, Connie. Thanks for organizing them and locating the patterns for us. I hope the upcoming days see positive days for your dad.

  3. Healing Energy for your Dad and entire family. I know the exhaustion of what you are going through. Great links and I adore fabric baskets of all types which you have found and shared so generously. Thank you dear. <3

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  5. There are some really cute ideas here and I appreciate that you’ve made the links go directly to the tutorial.

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