15-91 Singer is working again!

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15-91 Singer is working again!

I worked on some more of the blocks that I used for the Garden Maze quilt as so many people have asked about this pattern. It is a easy and fun block and I am hoping to finish up a little card with the directions on it like I did for the Crossroads block. Notice the projects in the background? I’m trying to keep myself from making too many new UFO’s so I want to get these finished soon.
My original 15-91 Singer Sewing Machine is back!

Two months ago my 15-91 Singer sewing machine stopped working again. I was sewing along and then nothing. This was happening periodically but this time……it wouldn’t start again. The first time this occurred was last summer if you remember and I ended up buying 2 identical sewing machines on Ebay which were lucky to survive the shipping. The wonderful thing about the internet was all the help I got from different people like Michelle from Life With Lou.

Luckily one of the sewing machines worked okay and I have been using it but…..I really, really missed my first one that I have had for over 20 years. I know that sounds funny as they look identical but….that is just me. Also, this sewing machine is the same age as me……I’m hoping “we” both keep quilting for a long, long time. I love this machine for free motion quilting, it is also great for patching jeans which I always do for the guys in the family.

15-91 Singer is working again!

I printed off information that I found on the internet and the other day my brother came over and switched out the motors.

He is very good at working with tractors and vehicles and now….sewing machines! Builder Bob then put my new foot controller back on my original machine and it worked perfectly. I then placed an order with Jenny from Sew-Classic for another foot controller, some brushes, a couple of screws that were stripped, and other things.

Note: Sew-Classic appears to no longer be in business. I have found two other places where you can order parts for vintage Singer sewing machines.

When I get the parts I will have 2 vintage 15-91s that work great. Now I just need to get Builder Bob to build me a base for one of them as the one you see got crushed in shipping.

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15-91 Singer is working

Thank you everyone for all the wonderful comments about our internet. We won’t be getting the high speed as we thought. First, there was a tree of the neighbors that would definitely block the signal come summer, then we had him come back out to see if we could set a 16-foot pole by the river but that won’t work either. I thought the new tower was right across the river from us but it is actually about 5 miles east and with the bluffs and trees on the other side of the river…..it won’t help us.

The company thought everyone along HWY 22 would be able to get the service but it isn’t working out that way. Some do and the rest……are like us. Now if we wanted to put up a 65-foot tower and spend $1,000 we could probably get it…..not happening.

The service we have now has actually gotten better in the last month with an upgrade that was done so we’re okay but…..I still won’t be able to watch videos. I knew better but I bought the 3 classes on Craftsy and now I won’t be able to watch them at home. Thank goodness you have them for life as I will be able to watch them over at my daughter’s house.

We have had satellite with 2 different companies – you still can’t watch videos or movies without going over your limits.

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  1. When I look at these machines gives me a bit of nostalgia, my mother at the time she sewed, had a Singer sewing machine, do not know which model. I remember seeing her sitting at her sewing machine always making clothes for the whole family. Those are great memories. I always thought of buying one on ebay but I think because of the weight that shipping these machines will cost me overpriced. I will find out, maybe I get one here in Canada.
    Thanks for sharing!!
    Marisa from

  2. Sorry about the internet but so glad your trusty Singer is working again. I often wonder whatever happened to the Singer my mother used when I was a child. Boy, I wish I had my hands on that one! Looking forward to the tutorial on the garden maze – such a pretty quilt and you always do such a wonderful job on fabric choices.

  3. So glad your machines are being taken care of. We do become attached to them, don't we?

    Sorry about the internet. I would be disappointed, but I am so glad that we still will hear from you every day. It is the highlight of my blog reading.

    Have a wonderful Sunday!

  4. Very glad to hear your machine is now working fine, old and trusty friends are always the best for quilting. Its a shame your fast internet hasn't worked out but the technology improves everyday so hopefully soon there will be a solution.

  5. It is so good to have an old "friend" back by your side! I love the fabrics you have used for the garden maze blocks.
    Cath @ Bits 'n Bobs

  6. Great news about your machine and bummer days about the internet. We supposedly upgraded our satellite service to 4X faster and that opened another can of worms – needed a new wireless router or the laptop won't work, Norton doesn't recognize the new provider so we're not protected, $20 more a month for more headaches and the guy on the next property has DSL. I don't get it! I'm taking a deep breath…

  7. Thats really too bad the internet thing didn't work out. I remember how frustrateing that can be. But don;t worry with all this new technology. Something new is bound to come out sooner than later that will be just the fix. Glad you got your machine up & running.

  8. Missy Shay says:

    I know what you mean about your old machine, they become your friends! My 15 is a hand crank, and I love it!

  9. Teresa in Music City says:

    That's a real bummer about your internet Connie! But on the other hand, what great news about your machine!!! Very handy men you have in your life there girlfriend :*) My husband is handy like that too – invaluable!!!

  10. So nice to read your 15-91 is working again. I love mine! Thank you for the link to Sew Classic.

  11. Quilting Babcia says:

    Glad to hear your 15-91 is up and running again. Nothing worse than that dreaded stop dead in the middle of a project from your favorite machine! I too have two extra 15-91s waiting in the wings for rewiring/cleaning. We actually took the motor off one last spring to rewire and put on the major machine when it stopped dead in its tracks in the middle of FMQ'ing a queen size quilt for my daughter. Love those machines!

  12. Great news about your s.m. getting fixed. Wowzer, I sure did oogle the pic of the workroom it was being fixed in! OMGosh…drool. What an amazing place.
    Your blocks are great. Looking forward to the tute.
    Sorry to hear about the snafu with the High Speed. I love the Internet, but it is a very pricey 'utility'.

  13. bummer about the internet stuff. have you tried an air card? don't recommend it, BUT that's what we had for a while before we got century stink. hmm I mean century link to get us internet, we had to petition to get the lines laid out, even showed up at a legislative meeting and gave speeches etc and finally WON…… I mean we are in the US, the supposedly most powerful country in the world and just because you live in the sticks a little bit, you can't get high speed internet?! create some jobs doing THAT… lay out dsl/ fiber optic cables….
    sorry for the rant