15-91 gets a new foot

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15-91 gets a new foot

While moving things around in the basement I pulled out my new sewing table I won a couple months ago and decided to rearrange my quilt room…….again. I took down the cutting table  (I’ll use my counter top like I used to) and the table behind my Singer.

Then I put my 401A Singer behind my favorite 15-91 workhorse. The 401A has a nice stitch and cams for zig-zag. I haven’t had a place to set it up for awhile and decided it was time to get it out again.

15-91 gets a new foot

My 15-91 Singer is finally getting a new foot pedal! The wiring was very old and original and my machine kept heating up when I was free motion quilting…..Builder Bob said the rheostat was bad so I ordered a new foot. He’ll be putting it on today. If you notice the 401A is slightly taller so I am going to have him cut the legs down a little to make it the same height as my 15-91 and I’ll be able to drop it and use the table for a surface when I free motion quilt.

15-91 gets a new foot

My design wall is pretty skimpy this week. I worked on some more free motion appliqued flowers.

15-91 gets a new foot

This one will be a small 12 inch mini.  I am going to pick up my grandson today as he is on Spring Break and he’ll help me paint some walls in the basement and then we’re going to play with the crayon melting book that Kiera sent me. At least that is the plan but who knows! He’ll probably “make” me play some video games too.

15-91 gets a new foot

Builder Bob is working on his kitchen, our basement isn’t fancy, it is actually a basement/garage as our house is right on the river and the actual living space is elevated in case of flooding. It will actually be his “party” room.  The new bathroom is on the other side of the wall by his assistant……Simon.

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  1. I just love the way you've set up your sewing room.

  2. I wish I had Builder Bob's domain! Two kitchens would be awesome, okay maybe not full blown kitchens, but a wet bar in the basement=AWESOME! Just think, if your sewing domain is down there you would have beverages very handy, wait…that could be dangerous. Don't try that while free motion quilting, hahaha. Your sewing room is HUGE! I am very jealous. Three machines, I thought I was doing good with one…

  3. love those blocks Connie and its great being married to a Bob the builder,lol,they come in handy.xx

  4. Oh, I love it when I see bloggers who have and use vintage machines! Nice setup.

  5. Great idea to put your machines back-to-back. Your room looks terrific! Love the flower blocks on your design wall – sure doesn't look skimpy to me.
    Have fun with your DGS – Grands are such treasurers!

  6. Your design wall never looks skimpy to me! Love the little blocks! Your sewing room is sure tidy! Nice to hear that Builder Bob has a project to work on!

  7. Missy Shay says:

    I love how each sewing table reflects the era of the sewing machine that is sitting on it.
    The old cabinet for Singers and the new plastic table for the "new" sewing machine.

  8. How would we get anything done without our assistants?! I love watching your studio evolve!

  9. Loving the look of that sewing room – hope it is above the high water line!

  10. What a great space! I miss having a basement. Love the flowers!

  11. It looks like a great setup. Builder Bob is kept busy between his projects and yours. 😉

  12. I love the looks of your sewing room. Is it in your basement as well? Do you have concerns with flooding? I love the flowers on your wall, so very pretty.

  13. Connie — love the sewing room — and your flowers on the design wall are the cutest !!

    If you don't mind, can you tell me about the Sewing Table — is that a Gidget II ? How do you like it ? I'm hoping to get one to drop my machine down flush and enable a little easier FMQ. Would you recommend one for the price — seems about $180. Thanks for your feedback.


  14. Your husband takes care of you. You're a lucky lady;)

  15. Great idea to rearrange to get your 401 set up , I sewed on one of those in a sewing class once and loved it . Your flowers are sweet , love anything scrappy 🙂

  16. Love your flowers! My mom has all kinds of machines but the 401 gets a lot of use. She really likes the stitch, too.

  17. Always enjoy seeing what you and Builder Bob are working on Connie! His kitchen, and your sewing room are looking good!! Have fun with your grandson :o)

  18. Your sewing space is wonderful Connie, I am only able to have one machine out at a time right now. My hubs just said last night that he wants to do some rearranging to I can have more than one out. Husbands are so wonderful! Can't wait to see Builder Bob's kitchen when it is all done! Have fun playing video games 🙂